I’ve been primarily picked

Internal CBC newsletter Prime Picks went meta this afternoon, riffing on me in response to my Grapevine/Prime Picks spoof earlier this week. Pity the poor CBC employee who now has to read 40 missives from 20 places just to get the in-jokes.

I haven’t been this proud since I was in the CMG word jumble during the lockout, and this is another milestone for me. The only one left is to get into the internal press clipping ‘zine.

The day that happens I shut down the site, quit the CBC, and do the whole thing all over again at Al Jazeera.


  1. Ouimet
    Posted November 16, 2006 at 7:23 pm | # | Reply to this masterpiece

    Yes, I did have it coming. It’s also nice to see they get the joke.

    Although after posting it I realized it’s the kind of self-indulgent “post about my blog” post that I promised I wouldn’t write.

    You know the kind I mean.

    I hope my readers forgive me this brief lapse of self-indulgence.

  2. Allan
    Posted November 16, 2006 at 12:40 pm | # | Reply to this masterpiece

    With fame comes responsibility.
    So please don’t be seen in public with Tie Domi unless you mean it.

  3. Anonymous
    Posted November 15, 2006 at 9:09 pm | # | Reply to this masterpiece

    Oh that was a good one, and you had it coming. And they got you to read it….who cares if nobody else gets the inside, we do.

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