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Hack this book!

Hack this book!

Douglas Coupland allows readers to customize his new book.

Alternative hosts for ‘The Hour’

Barney, Doug Coupland, Irshad Manji, Matthew Good

Allan: George, Lies and Videotape

Sent to me by our friend Allan.Enjoy.~O Regrettably, The Hour hasn’t gone away, but rather into re-runs for the summer.After all, why risk putting something else on that people might like even more, say, Douglas Coupland making moosehead soup.Especially when The Hour has become so “successful”, and anything else would be a needless expense. From […]

CBC love

I admit I didn’t really get myspace. I mean, sure, social networking. Friends linking to each other. So what? The only thing myspace would appear to be good for is spotting douches, for which it is fertile ground. But now that I see Justin Beach’s CBC Love myspace site, I’m starting to get it. As […]

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