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The Hour’s propaganda

Ryerson Review of Journalism, 2005: Jennifer Dettman, executive producer, helped create the show’s concept by targeting audiences with Stroumbo’s youthful personality. “I suppose that’s cool,” says Stroumbo, “because for the longest time, getting people under the age of 15 engaged on a Newsworld program was rare.” Doyle, on the other hand, argues that no program […]

Elect The CBC

If Mesley, Mansbridge and the whole lot of them are so gung ho on public broadcasting, why don’t they quit and run for Federal office? Nothing could be easier or more effective to bolster funding for the CBC. It’s a given that celebrities are easily elected. People assume they know them almost personally. All that’s […]

Likes Tall Blondes

In the corner with George Stroumboulopoulos at the lead-up to the Haiti Relief Telethon. Nosey camera guy interrupts George’s attempt to fly the friendly skies

The CBC, Jian Ghomeshi, and Wikipedia’s ‘conflict of interest’

If you’re eager to learn more about the many accomplishments of Jian Ghomeshi and the high regard in which he holds himself, there are three presumably reliable places to go. There’s the CBC page of his biography. There’s Jian’s own home page. And there’s good old Wikipedia. And if you do go to each of […]

A Transparent Hype

Four months later, News Network still touts itself as new and improved. As compared to  it’s more obvious condition,”not much better”. The promo they run has images and words flying by quickly to convey urgency and drama. Also behind the scenes pictures of the photo shoot for the announcers’ glossy stills for web pages and […]

Love, Hate, Painfully Long Pause, and Propaganda

Where to start with this six part documentary about Love, Hate (…painfully long pause…) and Propaganda ? Let’s not start with the obvious (the “brooding hipster” host), that would be too easy. Instead, let’s talk about how this doesn’t seem to be much different then any other documentary about World War 2 that I’ve seen, except instead […]

Manufacturing Boredom

It’s more than lies and spin that can control a nation. It can be done by omission. By what’s not being said. The Hour and re-branding of Newsworld has been shown to be empty heroics, and resulted in both a dumbing down and slowing down of any vitality and daring in news coverage and broadcast […]

CBC News Network not even trying at historic national moment

As the country went wild with jubilation, CBC News had nothing. Not even the smallest effort to be part of the excitement. A giant expensive broadcasting facility in Vancouver sat idle. No man-in-the-street interviews, no commentary, nothing LIVE from Vancouver or anywhere. In fact it seemed as if the CBC went out of its way […]

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