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The post-Burman CBC

The Ryerson Review of Journalism is writing about the CBC again. This time in a bit called: “Beyond Repair.” It covers familiar ground, particularly for longterm Tea Makers readers. In fact, it’s hard to believe that anyone besides a Tea Makers reader would want to glance at this thing. Magid’s role is downplayed. Ian Morrison […]

The Hour’s propaganda

The Hour's propaganda

Ryerson Review of Journalism, 2005: Jennifer Dettman, executive producer, helped create the show’s concept by targeting audiences with Stroumbo’s youthful personality. “I suppose that’s cool,” says Stroumbo, “because for the longest time, getting people under the age of 15 engaged on a Newsworld program was rare.” Doyle, on the other hand, argues that no program […]

Oh, you! Oh, you! Oh! Oh, you! Oh!

The revamped The Hour has been on for a week. I’m consistently surprised at how much attention this show gets, how much the CBC is banking on it, and how divided people are on it. People email me about it all the time. A couple weeks ago, The Ryerson Review of Journalism emailed me and […]

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