Things to Blame Jian for: (I also think Twitter saved his life).

I’m in a bad mood, and Jian is annoying me tweeting about the olympics and being all annoying. 

(all art by PoonGirl).


With this gem – To all those tweeting/texting me: Gordon Lightfoot is not dead. We’ve spoken to his manager & confirmed. This was a prank. Dodgy journalism. about 3 hours ago from web

Wow, thanks Jian, now I can sleep.  This idiot actually thinks people go to him for news ?  I could have found that out on Yahoo’s front page.

Or this -  Christine Nesbitt! Nicely done, Gold girl. Shout out to London, Ontario. 11 minutes ago from web

Yeah, I’m sure she cares you’re giving her a shout out you fuckin TURBO DOUCHE !

There is this one too – Me: Hitler please stop killing Jews. Hitler: No.  Not a nice mammal.


– World war 2

– Auto industry collapse

– Why I can’t find a better job

– Global Warming

– The rise of Stalin


  • Sick of Ghomeshi's Critiques says:

    Talk about biting the hand that feeds you,I’m very sick of hearing ghomeshi trying to be clever with the critiques on the very industry that helps fuel his program/pocket book.My colleagues will not listen to him,he ruins our day,
    we are disgusted with the CBC.They have no control over his hyper cruel and critical mouth,his show has gotten predictable when it comes to him berating the entertainment inustry& its people.
    What is wrong with the CBC have they forgotten that we as viewers don’t need 24hours of gloom and harsh reality.I’ve lost all hope for the CBC if these are the voices and thoughts we should follow.

  • Anonymous says:

    Does Jian ever just “talk” or “speak” or “have a conversation with” someone. Or does it always have to be a “chat” or “proper chat”?

  • Not buying CBC Lemons!! says:

    I’m not buying what they sell any longer.I was hopeful that the CBC would be intelligent enough to see they needed to revamp their broadcasters to a hippe r image/content,guess we’re SOL.The rotten lemons George/jian try to flog to the public are so rotten they could never be turn into lemon aide;the juice has been long gone/sucked out before the harvest.

  • Why Backpedal 4Ghomeshi Poongirl? says:

    poongirl your back-pedalling….why the sudden change of heart….did he ask forgiveness for all his dirty deeds?How can Ghomeshi be a nice person to you poongirl if he let’s u wallow on this page instead of hiring u as his girl Friday!?

  • PoonGirl says:

    Ummm, I write for Teamakers, of course I don’t know a lot.

    • Anonymous says:

      George & jian are media personas (kind of like salesmen). They will do or say anything to seduce you into buying their product – them. Their only worth is their popularity, so they are always trying to get more people on board, no matter what it takes.

  • PoonGirl says:

    Honestly, Jian has ALWAYS been nice to me. I am the immature one … but I do not like him like that so I’m not believing any “hype”.

    What do you mean about making fun of George ? I thought Jian and George were “friends”. At least they make it appear that they are friendly towards one another.

  • PoonGirl says:

    I can’t be mean to Jian anymore, apparently he “adores” me.

  • Anonymous says:

    Jian should be forced to produce the Junos show, since he is such an expert producing good quality, entertaining awards shows.

  • PoonGirl says:

    Join Jian tonight while watching the Oscars –

    Oscar imminent: Seen the films, done the interviews, now ready to take a seat…& then of course, TWEET. Join me tonite throughout. – Jian

  • Anonymous says:

    (h) And when I can, I make an obsequious rhyme about it all!

  • Allan says:

    The Seven Pillars of Jian Tweets:

    (a) listen to “Q”, it’s really interesting and has famous people on it!

    (b) I’m doing what everyone else is doing – watching what you too are seeing on TV – because I am just like ordinary people

    (c) I just saw someone famous

    (d) I’m at a concert/play because I get free admission to most events!

    (e) I’m happy to congratulate anyone who wins anything if it will help me score PR points

    (f) I feel bad about the Middle East conflicts. I mean I feel really,really bad. But good for you my revolutionary brothers and sisters. I may write a song and tie Thornhill in somehow

    (g) is for Ghomeshi. I need you to think about me, and how much I contribute to social media compared to that lucky bastard Strombo

  • Anonymous says:

    Jian’s a jerk…no wonder no woman wants him!

    • Anonymous says:

      According to him, HE is the one who is picky. There is always a dealbreaker.

      • Anonymous says:

        He told me once women have broken up with him because his penis size was an “issue” and that he’s “NOT small” I can back this is too, I still have that email.

  • SSSShhhhhhh UP that Ghomeshi! says:

    BTW;Its on twitter where he let’s loose and mentions trade secrets that should be only for his personal fools info,not the masses!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SSSShhhhhhh UP that Ghomeshi! says:

    My child did admire him because of our Persian ancestry.*Jian has ruined music awards,opening and closing ceremonies for my child!
    Does the CBC/CrTc not have guide lines for these jokers!
    Jian has taken the magic away from my 10year old,and countless other that probably are not even ten!!I can’™t imagine the CBC keeping him on much longer if he has no respect for the hidden magic that is made to make a show interesting to younger/older viewers!
    Ghomeshi is a mean, mean,mean man and has he forgotten what its like for a child to be in awe over something us adults all know about.
    How feeble a man he is to think he’™s so wise to share trade secrets that most know and would not share in a public arena where it could hurt the innocent!

  • SSSShhhhhhh! says:

    My sympathies, Today I Create. But as a non-celebrity and non-member of the media, you are not entitled to a valid opinion. Please refrain from Tweeting any other celebrities or members of the media.

  • Curb Your Enthusiasm says:

    Jian believes in freedom of speech, as long as it’s his speech that is free & we all listen in rapt attention – silently. In the same way he considers himself sensitive because he is aware of his feelings (but no one else’s).

  • Today I Create says:

    After several respectful conversations via Twitter and his reading one of my comments on line, Jian decided to block me on Twitter. Jian did not like the fact that I was not supportive of sports being part of the Q programming. Last time I looked CBC AND Q belongs to the Canadian people and we have a say. Jian is not the boss of CBC, Q or me.

  • persianvirgin says:

    He’s a nasty man and poongirl is right…he like to eat woman up and spit them out….he is an a**…his mother must be a real b*#*h…he must be paying her back for something in his subconscious….he has no respect for woman and no woman would want that…he will die a lonely man…

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s funny that he poses as such a supporter of women’s rights, yet he treats them like Barbie toys to play with & throw away.

  • 2ode or not 2ode Jian? says:

    This ode to Ghomeshi is sad if that’s the only rah, rah jian gets.Must be that imaginary model he’s with who wrote the ode?
    Take a look makes u wanna cry for the ode maker.

    Ode 2Ghomeshi,(sung like Nikki Y’™s Olympic I believe!!);
    I believe in Jian Ghomeshi,
    I believe that he’™s no tree,
    I believe that ur stuck with him &CBC!!
    Watch out kids and you’™ll see
    Time for u to support a Canadian Personality!
    I believe in wee Ghomeshi!!

    Should we dance for the king of wishful thinking that he has some1 who cares to write him an Ode,or should warn them what to watch for?

  • PoonGirl says:

    Let me continue with that thought Jianophobic –

    Nothing says Canada more than a British-Iranian immigrant living it up at taxpayers expense, during a recession while complaining about having to come home to an equally nice day in Toronto to do his comphy 1.5 hour radio show.

    Boo Hoo Jian.

  • PoonGirl says:

    Another Jian tweet- Vancouver today = Best. Weather. Ever. Gloriously sunny & warm. Already filling w/ sorrow that I have to hop on a plane tomorrow.

    We’re not exactly thrilled about welcoming you back either you douche bag.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m glad that he had such a good time. I’m sure he’ll be flying home first class while eating caviar and drinking champagne as well. Your tax dollars hard at work, Canada.

      • Jianophobic says:

        Nothing says Canada more than a British-Iranian immigrant living it up at taxpayers expense, during a recession no less.

  • anonymous says:

    they seem to be getting alot of attention on here…

  • PoonGirl says:

    Lights is probably left wondering who will drive her soul now that Jian is in Vancourver !

  • Anonymous says:

    Actually, the on the cover of Lights’ album “The Listening”, she has no mouth. Foreshadowing that she’ll have no voice soon, maybe?

  • Anonymous says:

    …while her manager plays in Vancouver with Lou Reed.

  • Anonymous says:

    Which is funny/sad, because Nikki Yanofsky is all over the Olympics with “that” song, getting international exposure, whereas Lights is living out of a van in England in the winter & losing her voice…

    • Anonymous says:

      Not only is she more talented than Lights Poxleitner, she’s also 7 years younger. She’ll still have a career when Lights is pawning her Juno to buy crack.

  • Anonymous says:

    How does she win the Junos?

    • Anonymous says:

      Probably because not many people had heard of any of the other nominees. It helps to have a manager with a CBC radio show. The other nominees : Jessie Farrell, Crystal Shawanda, Kreesha Turner, Nikki Yanofsky. In other words, it was the Lights, who is managed and promoted by Jian Ghomeshi, versus ?, ?, ?, and ?.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, her manager had better get her some training or she’s going to be mute soon with wrecked vocal chords.

  • Anonymous says:

    Lights wouldn’t make it past the audition stage of Canadian Idol. Her voice is weak. It’s obvious that she has no vocal training.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wonder if he tweeted this to impress Lou Reed’s biggest fan: Lights!

  • Anonymous says:

    Do you think he asked Lou’s permission to use his name in tweeting about a homoerotic encounter between them? The next tweet may come from his lawyer….

  • PoonGirl says:

    Jian’s newest gay tweet – jianghomeshi Is he following me?: Just ran into Lou Reed @ gym here in Van. Chatted half-naked in change room. Our encounters are growing in intimacy.

    • Anonymous says:

      Does he realize he consistently crosses the line between humour & creepy? And all to drop another name & “look cool”. Is everything with him sexual? Isn’t there a word for that? Nymphomania? And all this while his client is in England suffering with laryngitis?

  • PoonGirl says:

    I’m not sure … poor Lights. I wouldn’t trust Jian to manage a bath for me.

  • Anonymous says:

    Lights lost her voice. Should her manager get her to buy singing lessons rather than tatoos?

  • Anonymous says:

    I’d like to see Jian competing in the flirting Olympics going on in now Vancouver. He has to compete with all those celebrities and young, buff, hunky athletes. Eeep!

  • Anonymous says:

    I love the scared/disgusted look on the woman over his shoulder – too funny, Poongirl!

  • PoonGirl says:

    Are you kidding ? That girl ain’t me, but out of respect I put a black bar over her eyes. Maybe she is “The Understudy” for Lights hehehehehehehe !

    • Anonymous says:

      Jian is all gushy sweetness to the celebrities he interviews & meets, but for anyone who has quietly supported him throughout his career & who isn’t a celebrity or “in the business”, he treats with disdain & contempt (like mocking his father in public). Eeeep!

  • Anonymous says:

    Jian goes to the Olympics and all that he talks about is which celebrities are there. Unreal.

  • Anonymous says:

    Jian likes to “be” Don Draper for their “Mad Men” days at Q. Neither the actor nor the character would tweet.

  • bubble-writing girl says:

    I actually had to stop following him on Twitter because it was making my ADD worse. And anyway, his tweets can be seen on this site, on the CBC-Q website, and his own website, which is more than I can take. Who is the lovely woman in the picture, by the way, Poongirl? She looks age-appropriate for him? Or is that my beer-goggles?

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