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Go for broke

This is our one chance for the CBC to kick the advertising habit. Seriously. It’s the sole point in our lifetimes when that will be true. The Corpse does not need “bridge financing” to get it through to a point where ad sales “rebound.” They’re not gonna. Nor does the Corpse need “even more” American […]

Cuts of Brixton

Why do CBC Teamakers love the Clash so much? Is is because they were a bunch of punks who tried to keep a DIY/rock’n’roll spirit, even though they ended up in the corporate world? As we watch Hubert, Senior Team and the Board of Directors come up with ‘the plan’ for cutbacks, let’s ponder that […]

$10,000 in … prizes?

What Hubert leaves on the table.High priced content, reading a book on the air.Since when did a broadcaster become an Awards Committee?

It’s All Television’s Fault

It’s not mismanagement and over-spending and bad choices that have weakened the CBC.Those factors have been a way of life for years, and yet the CBC always just got bigger and bigger anyways.And it isn’t a matter of getting fewer radio ads or less online traffic.Both those platforms are enjoying higher public acceptance than ever […]

Make your vote count!

Today’s Globe & Mail poll showed some surprising results. Canada has spoken.And Sanjaya … is … your new … Canadian Idol! That is, until a closer look, provided unwittingly by Confirmed by the great iNudes: Yah those numbers may be a bit off since emails have been going around CBC all day asking staffers […]

Hubert: make us an offer

In his speech to the Empire Club today, Hubert suggested that the CBC may have to sell anything not nailed down to make it through the tough times: “Frankly, all the options are on the table in terms of trying to monetize some of our assets to generate some revenues.” According to the CP, “A […]

Jeffrey Dvorkin’s mission: impossible

From Now the Details: Like many media organizations, the CBC is overextended in terms of content. In short, it produces too much for too few people. Its flagship TV newscast runs third in the ratings and its news department has lost money and influence to other programming department. CBC says it has no choice; the […]

He’s such a bitch!

Well-dressed, underpaid mansnob Russell Smith on Krautrock: “[A]cademic critics and media critics in this movie [are] equally articulate and knowledgeable…. [I]t’s so much more interesting than listening to the faux-proletarian hominess” – that’s homeyness, not hominies – “and the fey personal stories of the folk musicians constantly interviewed by our national broadcaster.”

‘The Tories are playing dumb, acting astonished they’ve been petitioned for a loan’

So says the Torontoist. Refreshingly, not every comment amounts to “privatize this leftist haven.”

The Real Question

Should Ottawa give the CBC $65 million?More like, would Ottawa please lend the CBC $250 million until next year?Perhaps after the CBC demonstrates good faith by laying off a few people?

The Public Broadcaster in Love with Commercials

Who is Gerald Pratley and why is he saying those things about the CBC?He was the CBC’s first film critic in 1948, went on to teach film history and be recognized with The Order of Canada.Way snootier than Geoff Pevere.

The Pink Panther strikes again

Kory Teneycke rules out fibreglass pink insulation for the Corpse: “The CBC cannot be insulated from all market realities… Nobody likes to see this, but broadcasters have to adapt to lower ad revenues. No one broadcaster is immune from that,” not even the one doesn’t match the rest of the set.

Expensive U.S. properties

Here we go again: Ian Morrison is speed-dialled to lambaste the Corpse for daring to air American shows that people who aren’t Toronto intellectuals might actually watch. “We believe that the shortfall is $100 million or more, attributable to the decision last year to purchase several expensive U.S. TV properties, including Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, […]

Not quite the bite of the Daily Show

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