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Drama Debut

That’s the way Ian Morrison sees it.

Why so slow to sell ‘The Border’ to the U.S.?

I.e., the only foreign market that matters? “Anti-American bias.” But quick: Have you ever heard of the Ion network?

‘Canada Speaks to the World’

The Canadian Design Resource digs up an ancient RCI billboard in Sackville circa 1960.

Your guide to this alien landscape

Welcome, Radio 3 listeners! Were you aware all along that your favourite “radio” station was part of the CBC? Had you been watching anything on CBC’s many television networks? Did you ever listen to hip, happenin’ shows like Go on CBC Radio? Do you own a radio? Do you know what a blog is? This […]

CBC ‘exhausting all possible avenues for financial flexibility’

So says the official response to Weston’s piece. What they’re not admitting? They’ve exhausted “all our reserves as well as the entire surplus carried forward from last year.”

Which CBC Service Should Be Axed?

Comic book hero Victor Wong wants you to vote.Has he inadvertently created the next Trivial Pursuit?

Alternative Girlfriend ‘done with’ Corpse!

Or so she says. How soon till we get her back?

R3 listeners to Tea Makers: Drop Dead

Radio 3 listeners respond to Fake Ouimet’s post with passion and vitriol, and Tea Makers refuses to be interviewed on-air until some we hear some hip hop on that goddamn autoplayer. We’d settle for some Goldie, even. In the meantime, readers are encouraged to express thier displeasure by turning down the volume on their Facebook apps.

Twits of note

CBC Communications John Doyle Append any others we should be following in the comments.

"You deserve to know that our situation is extremely difficult."

A day after it leaks to Greg Weston, Stephen Taylor posts it in full.

Easy Target

The Corporation is not out of the woods.And it doesn’t take “a draft memo from CBC president Hubert Lacroix” leaked, somehow, to Greg Weston of The Toronto Sun, to know that all is not well.But the CBC has many options.And it’s not unreasonable to approach the government to assist a publicly mandated service. Particularly in […]

Memories of JPod

Alternative Girlfriend sends a link to a great video about the cancellation of JPod. And spills her guts in a lengthy lament.Someone help this girl.

R3 86ed

More power to Steve Pratt in his quest to create the “worst” · radio station · ever, but I’ve given Radio 3 well more than the benefit of the doubt and all I can say is it runs the gamut of emotions from A to B. I read the old Globe piece in which Stursburg, or […]

Slow news day at the ‘Stun’

A newspaper owned by a conglomerate whose broadcasters are in direct competition with the CBC runs a front-page screamer about a memo that hasn’t been sent yet. The gist? The Corpse is begging for money instead of just going broke like the Aspers. Still, Hubie “ â€˜cannot and will not predict the outcome’ of the agency’s […]

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