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Bill Brioux

The large glass table top, set in the antiseptic, brightly-lit blue, white and red set, made it look like a perfume counter at the Bay or a really cool Shoppers Drug Mart”

Two and a half men beat up Erica

Bill Brioux’s sports jargon

Farewell Air Farce

Bill Brioux went to the season finale on Friday and took pictures.

The Sidecar: TV feeds my family

Cruickshank: “A temporary alliance of convenience with the Liberals” involving 2 MPs, the second one still unnamed, at least for nowI kind of wish he’d just be quiet. Bill Brioux: This Just In: Canadians Like Canadian TVSome great news for CBC-TV, as explained in Bill Brioux’s wonderful new blog.As a bonus, DMc blows a gasket […]

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