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A national day of action to save Radio 2 and the CBC Orchestra

Friday, April 11, 2008.

Newsworld Calgary euthanized

32 casualties.Ian Morrison: “It would be a great idea to reduce the bureaucratic over-burden, particularly at senior management levels within the broadcast centre in Toronto, and to deploy such resources — to use Mr. Cruickshank’s words — for grassroots, people on the street.”

Ask your supervisor about this Tea Makers post

A long time ago Gorblog posted some new hires’ impressions of the CBC: “I was caught off guard by the extreme bureaucracy and conservatism. As soon as I walked through the doors, I got the sense that I entered a time warp.” and this: “I guess for me the biggest difference is the red tape… […]

Even Websensers get a break from Websense sometimes

The Globe and Mail takes a look at industrial-strength corporate internet censors: The challenge:As a maker of software that blocks access to Internet sites, WebSense Inc. of San Diego, Calif., was worried that it would be difficult to attract young, tech-savvy employees if they knew ahead of time they would be heavily monitored. The solution:Employees […]

Captioning sucks

No shit, Sherlock! Now let’s fix it!

Journalism sucks

No shit, Sherlock! Now let’s complain about it!

April fool

A simple prank, perpetrated on behalf of you, the loyal Tea Makers reader.Enjoy.~O

Stursberg vs World, Part Two

From the Globe and Mail: That’s it. The answers are “no” and “it is being sorted out.” And yet there is obviously something amiss. Maybe those complainants in News and Current affairs exaggerated. Maybe that “rancorous newsroom scrum” never happened. Maybe Stursberg was being very careful in his choice of words about “restructuring.” But there’s […]

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