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The Privates made money hand over fist in 2008

Until August 31, 2008, at least, “with total revenues growing 7.6% to $2.9 billion… [P]rofits before interest and taxes (PBIT) rose by 5.9%, coming in at $686.1 million, [and] the PBIT margin remained consistent, going from 23.7% in 2007 to 23.4% in 2008.”

Printable versions of liveblogs

If this blog had better CSS, this step would be unnecessary, but: Hubert Lacroix and others announcing CBC cutbacks, 2009.03.25 (Tea Makers version) Richard Stursberg announcing CBC English cutbacks, 2009.03.26 (Tea Makers version)

Reflections from a pro

Wendy Crewson on the catch 22 of Canadian stardom.

Judy says goodbye


Plan B

Liveblog of Richard Stursberg presentation on programming cuts

Business Plan Update conference call starts 2009.03.26 14:02. (Printable version.) STURSBERG: Well, thank you for coming. I know many among you and many of the people on the phone had a pretty horrible morning. There isn’tanything nice about any of this, and I know how difficult it is for so many people here in terms […]

Patches The Clown

Blogging proved too much for him, but Twitter he can handle.

I have an idea …

Media no longer gets the scary respect that it once did.Now everyone‘s an expert.


Whither the CMG?

We are fast approaching what could be considered CMG’s “Katrina Moment” – the point where leadership fails to recognize the magnitude of a crisis, and fails in almost every conceivable way. We’ve all read the CMG emails that come every few weeks. It’s usually the same thing written slightly differently each time. There’s the bit […]

Richard Stursberg’s town hall – Thursday, March 26 at 2 p.m.

Richard Stursberg, executive vice-president of CBC English Services, will be holding a town hall presentation with an overview of our financial situation, strategy and the changes to come on Thursday, March 26 from 2 to 3:30 p.m. ET in Toronto’s Glenn Gould Studio. He will talk about CBC president Hubert Lacroix’s Wednesday presentation and what […]

Name one thing that was announced today that isn’t bullshit. Come on, I dare you.

It would certainly help if the CBC provided a hard copy of what was said today. So that we can all know all the facts, instead of just the few facts that a newspaper always prints, or the even fewer facts that we get from TV and radio (upon all three of which the internet […]

The Onion is hiring

A little gallows humour on this terrible day. But the story is true and reported in the New York Times. Former CNN Anchor Moves to The Onion In yet another sign that the line between real news and fake news is getting thinner, one of CNN’s main anchors during the 1980s and 1990s, Bobbie Battista, […]

Town hall twits

Today’s town hall was the most tweeted CBC event in recent memory. These tweets have a special significance for those of us in Canadian media, as we are constantly told that we are dinosaurs and in the future all our news will be tweeted by real people with no agenda and you won’t even need […]

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