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Unsubstantiated rumour day

Hi, Ouimet here. Yes, that’s right. Ouimet Classic. How have you been? You look great. Is that a new skirt? I see you finally got your monocle cleaned. It’s about time. Fake Ouimet is taking a few days off from this blog. Perhaps he’s had a couple of major health setbacks. Or maybe he’s rearranging […]

Denise Donlon, narrowcastrix

To the Star: “Commercial radio is about narrowcasting, fitting into a tight niche. CBC is a multi-level broadcasting platform…. It’s a different kettle of fish. It has a responsibility to reflect a sense of Canada that’s as wide and diverse as the country itself.” To a Tubby blog: “[I]f you want in-depth, wide-ranging content, you […]

‘Where the A-list talks’

I’m trying to take a couple of days off here. (Surely that works out well for you, since Tea Makers is so hard to read.) Anyway, you’ve seen this promo, right? First of all, the conventional spelling is the A-list, and even if we used quotation marks, they’d be double, not single; this isn’t England. […]

Denise Donlon: Money for Nothing

By our resident guest bloggeur, Allan.~ Fake Ouimet CBC Radio English Services and Denise Donlon announced their engagement today.For Denise, her Freedom 52 Plan will kick in on Sept. 29.The CBC could not find anyone in the country with actual radio experience to take the job, so they decided that it didn’t really matter.In response […]

If you’re going to shitcan a show, have the guts to really shitcan it

CBC Radio programming director Chris Boyce: And when we looked at Search Engine, we really liked what it was doing as a program, but we started to look at “Was half an hour every week the best way to get the content onto the airwaves?” And at the end of the day, what we felt […]

Saying something nice for a change

I’m always ragging on CBC captioners. While two CBC networks have the highest captioning requirements anywhere, the Corpse was blowing it in major ways. And, like other captioners, they make shit up as they go along. While there are still a few boners here and there, some things are improving. They’ve pretty much stopped pretending […]

Greatest hits of Inside the CBC

Try to figure out why each entry was selected. (Headline upstyle and downstyle as in original.) “ABC’s cancellation of The One has forced schedule changes for CBC Television” American Celebrity Babies: Why Do We Cover Them?: “Maybe I’m just grumpy” CBC breaks record for longest title on a business card: “Director, Business, Rights and Content […]

Next up on JACK FM: Angélique Kidjo

“It is moving away from something only the public broadcaster can do to something many private broadcasters already do” – Ian Morrison, Friends of Canadian Broadcasting “Anyone who thinks private broadcasters are doing what this ‘new’ Radio 2 will do is vastly overestimating private broadcasters” – Valerie Hunter I looked over the playlists for Buck […]


‘Great news, pop-music snobs!’

Bons mots from my esteemed colleague M. Weisblott’s Eye Weekly cover story on Radio 2: “[B]ased on the first week of Radio 2 Morning… the mix is one even more likely to discourage teenagers from loitering in a subway station” “Much like the way Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony remained part of his Å“uvre even after someone […]

They follow us everywhere

As seen on the front page of iTunes this week. They’ve got Hugh Dillon with a rifle and we’ve got local podcasts. (But they’re new!) It’s Battle of the Network Iceblonds all over again.

Rayyan’s Bugs

As seen on CBC’s illegal first-party billboard on the side of Fort Dork facing CTV’s illegal third-party billboards surrounding a power station.

A Buck 65 manqué?

Alec “Whenever you see an invitation that says ‘What could be more magical than an evening under the stars in the Hamptons?’ you press delete” Baldwin explores alternate timelines with Eustace Tilley. Baldwin imagined himself as… the presenter of a classical-music show on public radio. “I could do that,” he said, and he wasn’t exactly […]


From tgreenravelry, who writes: I’ve been wanting to knit something with the CBC logo for ages. About a year ago I moved to England, and, you know, England… tea… tea cozies. So I figure it’s the perfect blend of my Canadian heritage with the culture of my new country. Plus the CBC logo is round, […]

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