The CBC’s White Trash: Heather Mallick

By our inveterate guest bloggeur, Allan. As I’ve been officially reprimanded for having given him his own fonts and layout, you’re going to have to muddle through with “regular” fonts and layout. And? No, that isn’t a typo down there.
– Fake Ouimet

It’s fun to get all fired up about something. To be passionate!
We could use a touch more of it in this country, certainly in the current election.
There’s a slight risk, however, of becoming delirious when you’re having so much fun.

Take, for example, Heather Mallick and her long-winded remarks about Sarah Palin.
To call Palin “white trash” with “a toned-down version of the porn actress look” is quite valid, particularly if you accept Mallick’s further claim that “women have been trained to resent other women.”
But when she calls Republican men “sexual inadequates” you have to wonder if she’s guessing or speaking from personal experience.

It becomes a little clearer when she defers to John Doyle as “the cleverest critic in Canada.”
She just lost my vote.
Were her assessment even close to being true, then it would confirm what a lame country Canada really is if Doyle is the best it can produce.
But he’s snot.
Rex Murphy is the cleverest of them all.

The Tyee just asked me to fill out their Readers Survey 2008.
Question #23: “Have you had thoughts about Sarah Palin?”
Well, yes, I’ve had thoughts, but not thoughts.
Women with guns scare me. In fact, anyone with a gun scares me.
Except Kiefer Sutherland.


  • Fake Ouimet says:


  • Anonymous says:

    Where, oh where, did the real Ouimet go? This blog has gone down the tubes since “Fake Ouimet” took over the reins…

  • sally says:

    Honestly, the amount of sham outrage down south over this thing is beyond credibility.

    Ms. Mallick’s screed appeared nowhere on CBC TV or Radio, just on a blog, which is not nearly the same thing (we can have that debate some other time).

    And yet it’s prompted huge coverage in the US, despite the fact that it’s not hard to find Palin-bashing on blogs, even official looking blogs like, say, the Guardian’s.

    It’s all very simple to explain: Mallick expressed a view of Palin that the American right is trying to discourage, but there are no targets to attack, because no one in the American press will dare say them.

    To think that Mallick’s collumn produced the current level of outrage is to get it exactly backwards. The outrage was set, primed and ready. They just had to wait for a target to come along. The fact that they settled for a CBC blog shows just how desperate they might be.

  • Allan says:

    Is not the CBC the definition of a government bailout?ufdrq

  • Kev says:

    Safer too is discussing American politics rather than Canadian.
    Their bravado doesn’t extend to their home turf because, let’s be frank, they’re both pussies!

    Heather’s column immediately after the one in question was about Canadian politics. As was the one two columns prior.

    Those two were about the Conservatives, but a light, distracted trawl through the archives throws up this one that skewers the Liberals:

    And for those of you who say Heather Mallick is bad for the CBC’s business – she (or the provision of a platform for views as varied as hers) is the business, or the most important part of it, anyway. If you’re willing to sacrifice that platform because people you don’t agree with get to use it, consider what will happen to you when you need it and it isn’t there.

  • Allan says:

    If you want to attack Palin, do it like a grown-up, suggests Lynn Crosbie in today’s G&M.
    But her advice is directed at the forever gutsy Sandra Bernhard, and not at her silly coworker Mallick.

    Both Crosbie and Mallick find it more convenient to critique someone on the TV set than each other. Someone a thousand miles away who never heard of you and can’t bitch-slap as easily as someone who’s across the room.

    Safer too is discussing American politics rather than Canadian.
    Their bravado doesn’t extend to their home turf because, let’s be frank, they’re both pussies!

  • Anonymous says:

    bitowner 7:56 AM

    “the facts regarding Governor Palin’s track record are even more alarming than you credit”

    No, Mallick’s column on Governor Palin was good journalism. Fair and balanced as they say. It’s important for Canada’s public broadcaster to objectively remind it’s audience that it is the American “white trash vote” which supports Governor Palin’s candidacy – and Mallick’s observations on Sarah Palin’s “porn actress look” or calling her a “terrible parent” is anything but a “smear job”.

    But please enlighten us bitowner and remind us of Governor’s Palin’s “alarming track record” but please be careful about lifting your information from the moveon or mediamatters websites as they have even less credibility than the CBC.

  • Bytowner says:

    It was not a smear job. If anything, the facts regarding Governor Palin’s track record are even more alarming than you credit, Anonymous. Using “Far left ideology” accusations to obscure the facts is an error.

  • Anonymous says:

    Anyone wishing to argue that the CBC embraces and promotes a far-left ideology needs only to consider Mallick’s disgraceful smear job on US Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Pallin. And it was written for no other reason except that Sarah Pallin is a conservative who promotes traditional family values, a belief in GOD, lower taxes and less government. Because of those views Mallick resorted to hateful rhetoric which can only demean the credibility and reputation of the CBC.

    In a few weeks time after Harper wins a majority government the decision makers at the CBC will be wondering why their budget just got decimated.
    Heather Mallick is bad for business – when you rely on a government handout of $1.1 billion every year.

  • Dwight Williams says:

    I make no apologies for being glad to see that CBC has both Mallick and Murphy on the payroll.

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