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Letter to the CBC President requesting the reinstatement of Patrick Brown and Don Murray

To: Hubert Lacroix, CBC PresidentCopies to:Richard Stursberg, Vice-President, English TelevisionJohn Cruickshank, Publisher, CBC News and Current Affairs Sir,While we realize CBC is facing budgetary pressures, and that resources are increasingly precious, we do not understand the decision of senior management to cashier Don Murray and Patrick Brown. First, it is clear they both received a […]

Guest blogger: Cruickshank makes his move

Sent to me by an anonymous reader.Enjoy.~O You probably have heard this already but John Cruickshank has made his first major move. Finally, after all these years, making the online news folks really part of the news service. Not a servant to TV, not the peasants of Digital Platforms and Business Development, but part of […]

Claude bleeds CBC.ca of nerds

CBC.ca has been slowly bleeding staff over the last few months, all of them poached by outgoing CBC.ca impresario Claude Galipeau. Claude, you may remember, was the guy the CBC hired from Alliance Atlantis to run CBC.ca, the de facto VP of new media without the title, who went back to Alliance Atlantis earlier this […]

Bend it like Gardner

Regular readers know that I’ve taken my fair share of shots at CBC.ca. But can you blame me? This is a place where “the BBC does it this way” gets the last word in too many discussions. Comparing the CBC to the BBC is natural, and I’ve done it myself, but not entirely fair, for […]