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takes a big news organization to admit when they’ve made a mistake

CBC blames Canadian Press instead of their own inability to read the English language. Three weeks into the newly baked version of The National and already Peter Mansbridge has twice been forced to make corrections for slip-ups made during a previous broadcast. How long before Stursberg comes on to apologize for the entire show?

CBC Employee of the Week

During commercial break at the finale of the Battle of the Blades, Kurt Browning skates with unnamed audience coordinator.

Gab me with a luncheon utensil

Jian The Hyphenated Human sees the opportunity to make a few extra bucks as a rent-a-speaker. But trying to come up with a sellable topic is proving challenging. May we suggest “Why I Should Have Won Best Interviewer Gemini Instead Of Strombo”. At least begin writing that next CBC bestseller “What To Do When Your […]

Is anyone inside the CBC verifying the posted content?

Tuned into the Local CBLT HD portion of the late news from 22:55 Novenber 16, 2009 seem to have some glitches. The micro newscast was plagued with some errors the biggest a replay of the end of the National in SD dropped over Aaron reading the opening story. Peter and Nick Czernkovich happy talked the […]

How many members of the CBC Executive 50% Bonus Club make more than Stephen Harper?

Perhaps like the BEEB we at the CEEB need full Senior Executive Team disclosure: 37 BBC staff earn more than the Prime minister. “Nearly 300 senior managers earning more than £100,000, were kept off the list, The Times has learnt. Some earn more than Gordon Brown. Many are paid more than double the £81,100 earned […]

Sometimes we really, really feel sorry for John Doyle

Doyle objects to to the disrespect Stursberg shows toward the CBC’s stakeholders, and finds a lot directed at himself.

A little less meaningless

Perhaps the producers of The National realized they were being a little bit too transparent. Weather person Claire Martin was popping up twice during each broadcast, but only one of those times to give the national forecast. The other appearance was for exploring some weather-related topic. Or was it simply a fabricated necessity designed to […]

There’s Something About Amanda

… take away that scene stealer Kevin O’Leary and you begin to actually notice Amanda Lang … … and yeah, she’s an attractive woman … but it’s something else … something that quietly comes across when she’s anchoring The National … no need to send her to Afghanistan wearing a flack jacket to season her […]

‘The Strombo Show’ SUCKS – a fair and balanced perspective

For four hours last Sunday night CBC Radio 2 became something completely different. It became The Edge 102.1 FM, a loud litany of aimless frenetic noise.

TeaMaker Twitter Lists

As everyone knows, we’ve all gone down the tweet hole, as twitter has become the true agenda setting media, especially when it is itself, the subject of discussion. Here at The Tea Makers we’ve been playing with Twitter for a while, especially how it connects to our mission of Mirth, Mayhem, Links, & Quotes. Inspired […]

Fake Twitter account, genuine humour

The Culprits: ….. @senatorduffy ….. @cheddar_harper ….. @petermansbridg ….. @fakemarkkelly

Andrew Clarke Marking Stories

“But whether the Citizen pulled its punches on the Lansdowne Live proposal or not, this is a story CBC Ottawa should have owned. It didn’t. Oh there are examples of good work done by individual reporters. But the issue never became a station priority. It rarely, if ever, broke new ground on the story.  It’s […]

As long as they can get away with it, ‘the News’ isn’t going to get any better

The new “news” is coming across a lot like the old news. Even, like the really old news. There are far more things the same about the way the news is offered up today than anything new or different at the CBC News Network. The entire experience is effectively the same as it’s always been, […]

Afternoon Delight

Nov. 10, noon,  Toronto Reference Library Peter pulls ye olde rabbit ears trick on buddy Rex all done!

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