Compare and contrast

Or: A tale of two Twits

How the NFB uses “social media”:

Why does the NFB use social media?
We just want people to know about our films.
What is our social-media strategy?
Not so much of a “strategy,” really. We just talk about films through four channels: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and blogs. Of course we talk about our films – but we also talk about other people’s films whenever we can. (Nothing’s more annoying that someone who only talks about themselves).
How’s it going so far?
[7,000 followers on Twitter, 16,000 YouTube subscribers, 2,000 Facebook fans]

How the CBC uses social media:

  • A vice-president issues ominous warnings that unapproved peons are running off at the mouth, with an implicit threat she’ll put a stop to that someday. (Then get promoted.)
  • Corporate-tool blogger, proving along the way it is possible to blog worse in full health than a man battling several serious illnesses, warns you’ve “got to organized and follow a set of guidelines” that don’t exist yet and would in any event be custom-engineered to crush this new life in its cradle.

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  1. A-little-bird-told-me
    Posted July 24, 2009 at 5:34 pm | #


    Film at 10. and see it on Youtube
    with additional comments on the
    thousands of uncontrollable
    Facebook pages you aren’t given
    permission to view.

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