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Things aren’t so bad at CBC II; No holiday cheer at Viacom

The Grinch is alive and well managing Viacom, including our friends at CBS News.Viacom Employees:Holiday cheer is not allowed.And chuckle over the comments too!Happy Holidays to all at the CBC. (Definitely not the Corpse!)

Tell callers she’s ‘in a meeting’

For some reason, Katya Laviolette isn’t walking into the job with an assistant already. (A perfect job for the Gays!)

Job Opening: Director, Digital Media, CBC News

Here’s your chance to waste time online by joining CBC as the Director, Digital Media, CBC News. CBC News is looking for an experienced sycophant ready to take on the challenge of managing CBC News’ online brand. If you have what it takes to lead the strategic planning, development, and delivery of CBC’s editorial content […]

‘Obviously Mr. Mansbridge does not respect the office’

“That is a problem that he will have to deal with.”

Shorter News Renewal Show

It’s been a couple of days. What were they really saying at the unveiling of CBC’s plans for news renewal? [M]ost of our news audience is an older audience, we skew to a different part of Canada. […] We reach a healthy share of a very narrow demographic, mostly 50 to 65+. […] We’re the […]

Want to pick what goes up on iTunes?

Of course you do. May we suggest leading with The Border, Just for Laughs – Gags, Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye, and Heartland?

Three requests a week?

Hi, kids. Fake Ouimet here. Still fake, still not Ouimet. Anyway, you’ll recall this newspaper article from Moncton. It gave us the useful phrase Natural (or National) Governing Broadcaster and included the following bemusing statement (emphasis added): I think I might be getting the runaround from this publicly-funded organization, which just this week, complained through […]

"I’m radio. Don’t blame me for everything."

How did the CBC get mixed up in this? Rally in Calgary-December 6

Ready Rick

Rick Mercer nails it the first time.

Mary Walsh Forever

On a cold, blustery day in downtown Toronto, the Coalition movement held a rally.Stephan Dion spoke, as did Jack Layton.But the star of the show was the master of ceremonies, Mary Walsh. Now if the CBC and Newsworld could harness that passion, and the way she connects with people, we’d once again have television worth […]

Don’t bet the farm on the word ‘likely,’ Evan

“The staff of Saturday Report and Sunday Report will likely be reassigned to other shows.”

The life of a hopeful contract worker

“I was reminded by (my boss at CBC) that: `You’re here for an experience and you’re expected to move on.’ I didn’t want to leave. I was good there,” says Kefentse, laughing.

The News Renewal Show

If Inside the CBC (among others) can cover this all-hands meeting held December 3, we can too. Marcia Young of The World This Hour introduces Jennifer McGuire, Todd Spencer, exec director of news content, Jonathan Witten, Jane Inito, Cynthia Kinch, Neil Morrison. We’ll also hearing from Richard Stursberg, John Cruickshank – “he’s here and he’s […]

Confessions of a CBC Girl

For obvious reasons, Confessions of a CBC Girl will not be added to the Tea Makers sidebar links. But Jeffrey Dvorkin’s Now The Details will be. These links have not been updated since 2007. If there any other CBC-related sites we are missing, let us know in the comments.

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