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Stursberg vs. ‘RRJ’

(Well, he’s always versus somebody, isn’t he?) I spent $7.86 of my last 20 bucks on the Summer 2008 issue of Ryerson Review of Journalism. I’ve read it for years and have a stack of back issues. I didn’t attend this year’s release party, ensuring I would not leave the place almost in tears. The […]

Battle of the Network Iceblonds

Nº 3 in a series.

Biennial dalliance

Why does the Corpse want a brand-new channel for “amateur” sports, CBC SportsPlus? First of all, the channel won’t really be for amateur sports. CBC’s supplementary brief to the CRTC (dated 2008.02.01) stated the new network would “[d]evote 25% of total broadcast time to the coverage of Canadian amateur athletes.” CBC responded to a question […]

Battle of the Network Iceblonds

Nº 2 in a series.

Comments policy

Just to shut Allan up and inform everyone else, here is a further elucidation of the new comments policy. Perhaps it should be called a “guideline,” for, pace MetaFilter, when you label something a rule you’ll inevitably find a reasonable exception. The deal is you can be as nasty as you want in the comments […]

Never going to live this down

Newly discovered fossil of Tyrannosaurus rex eating an angel complicates Creationism debate Yes, CBC’s response to a CRTC proceeding vaguely concerning the Internet really is as bad as people say it is. The

Battle of the Network Iceblonds

Nº 1 in a series.


If there’s one thing that thrills the Canadian media elite more than “getting a nod” from the Times, it’s getting one from Eustace Tilley. SOAPnet [who dat? – Ed.] is showing a CBC series called “MVP: The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives” [spurious quotation marks sic], which aired earlier this year up north. The opening […]

Stuff White People Like: Softball questions and no followup

Tired, dull-edged, superannuated Laurie Brown, her Znaimerist days long behind her, guest-interviewing Christian Lander on Q (“cue the podcast”), 2008.07.08 (MP3; at iTunes): — Now, one last thing about white people. Why do people like listening to writer David Sedaris talk on public radio? — Not only on public radio, but also in person. — […]

When Chyrons attack

Let’s automatically slap a Chyron on top of another Chyron without even checking if the coast is clear first! It’s particularly egregious here because the CorpseChyronâ„¢ is covering up Martha Stewart’s custom typeface, Archer, by Hoefler & Frere-Jones (rave). I had luncheon with the lads one day and they showed me the memo approving the […]

Under new management

Hi, I’m Joe Clark. I’ll be your Fake Ouimet for today and the foreseeable future. The real Alphonse Ouimet, who really is one or more real persons not really named Alphonse Ouimet, really is on hiatus. But as of today, this blog isn’t. We still need the Tea Makers because there is still shit going […]

Speaking frankly

A number of people have emailed me the Frank Magazine story about the demise of this blog. For those of you who haven’t read it, an anonymous contributor has kindly typed it out in the comments. A great story. They all want to know. Is it true? Of course not. I was quite content to […]