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Fun “Friends”

A new campaign by Friends of Canadian Broadcasting to expand their mailing list: With Stephen Harper cheering from the sidelines, CBC is seriously considering polluting CBC radio with commercial messages! Harper chose Hubert Lacroix as CBC’s President. It appears that since then, Lacroix has been busy implementing Harper’s agenda. And should we need further “proof”:Feb […]

What Jim Knows

CBC Radio ’will suffer‘ “Local (CBC) services will suffer as a result of this problem specifically with CBC English television,” Jim Thompson, a spokesman for Ottawa-based Friends of Canadian Broadcasting, said Tuesday. Thompson said CBC‘s decision to air American-made TV variety shows has “put a dent in CBC‘s budget” that will be felt right across […]

Late for the CRTC hearing

The fair-weather friends of Canadian broadcasting

At the CBC, election time is the best time to get your fear on. At the same it’s hard for some of us to work up a truly frenzied lather. The Liberals failed to deliver on their promises to us, so we’re already experts in dollar-stretching and cutting. Exacerbating suspicions are the vague statements made […]