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Kevin’s Dollhouse

REAL and IMAGINARY Love him or hate him, he’s easily the brightest star on CBC Television since the days of Pierre Berton and Gordon Sinclair.

The Principled Pinhead

Many sports require the use of a ball. But George doesn’t need any to do his brand of journalism, because he just pretends the Tiger Woods story never happened. He puts on an act, claiming he’s ignoring the story on principle, as if that’s just trash journalism. But it really means that he doesn’t understand […]

Leveraging the power of online media

An exchange between Kris Krug, new media visionary in his own mind, and Steve Billinger, new media manager of the CBC, at some kind of new media fest: Krug: “What are some of the factors unique to Canada in the digital media landscape?” Billinger: “It’s highly regulated, there’s no money, and people don’t like to […]

CBC A Mandate Gone Wild

President Hubert complains that funding cuts will compromise the CBC’s ability to fulfill its mandate. That warrants a pause for thought. Is everything the CBC does of vital public interest? Aren’t all the spin-offs of a public broadcaster already out of control? Isn’t having a lousy news channel and chasing celebrity enough of a compromise? […]

Strombo Continues To Be An Inspiration For Youth To Create Radio That Sucks

Check it out. The newly re-designed STROMBO.COM. It’s gone from being completely boring and saying nothing to being completely boring and saying even less. Is that possible? Yes, it is. A kind of HTML machine has taken over. The page is now a radio station, unto itself. Station Strombo. Are you on George’s wavelength? It […]

CBC News is a No-Brainer

if you were to tune in randomly to the noon news on CBC News Network, what would it reveal about the current state of journalism and priorities of the CBC … First, a straight-forward broadcast that puts real news first. That would be the BBC. Meanwhile, the CBC continues on its witless path toward irrelevance […]

to find out, tune in tomorrow

The trick is to see how many ways you can get paid for the same report.

Barbara Budd a Guest on The Hour?

What are the odds that recently laid off “presenter” Barbara will be sitting in the red chair across from “respected journalist” George? After 17 years of being only a voice on CBC Radio, you’d think that a Canadian audience would like to get a good look at her. And she could explain why she’s leaving, […]

The Children’s Hour

The nice man in the sweater exploits “little peanuts”. By way of introduction, let’s get a laugh by mentioning that some of the guys working on The Hour like to fuck. “It’s a good chance that somebody on this staff fathered your children. I’ve seen this when we take this show on the road. These […]

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