‘Driveway moments’

Fangirl interviews Strombo

Strombo in shades and plaid shirt

…only to have her recording equipment bork. Honey, we’ve all been there.


  1. Anon
    Posted October 8, 2009 at 6:59 pm | # | Reply to this masterpiece

    ….”The Tudors opened with a respectable 812,000. CBC’s The National seems mired in that half million funk. George`s The Hour fetched 123,000 at 11.”
    for the evening of Wed 07 October 2009 Guests were “George interviews Grammy Award winner Michael Buble about his new album Crazy Love. Plus, hockey great Steve Yzerman talks about his job as Team Canada’s executive director…”

    See worse ratings at : http://tvfeedsmyfamily.blogspot.com/2009/10/being-erica-beaten-up-by-biggest-loser.html

    Why can’t they learn from Radio-Canada?

    … and here’s the competition on Tuesday 06 October
    “Here is the BBM Canada overnight estimated snapshot of the Greater Toronto Area from Tuesday night:
    Late Show with David Letterman (OMNI1, 11:35 p.m.) 80,000 viewers 2+
    The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (CTV, 12:05 a.m.) 30,000
    The Colbert Report (CTV, 12:35 a.m.) 25,000
    The Hour (CBC, 11 p.m.) 21,000
    Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (CKVR, 12:37 p.m.) 17,000
    The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien (CKVR, 11:35 p.m.) 13,000
    Jimmy Kimmel Live (Sun-TV, 12:00 a.m.) 10,000”

  2. Anon
    Posted October 1, 2009 at 6:00 pm | # | Reply to this masterpiece

    But all ratings bumps are from the novelty of a new season. CBC should start a week later and save money by advertizing only new shows, smaller ads for confirmed hits and see what lead-ins do.

    Thursday, October 1, 2009
    CBC Dragons Roar Back With 1.3 Million Plus
    Over 1.3 million Canadians bought into the CBC venture capitalist reality series Dragon’s Den Wednesday night. The fourth season premiere was the highest-rated episode in the series history.
    Dragon’s Den reruns have been breathing fire for weeks leading into the series return. While interest in the series was already keen, it probably doesn’t hurt that BBM Canada’s new Personal People Meter data seems to be favouring “event” television.
    Dragon’s Jim Treliving, Arlene Dickinson and Robert Herjavec partied with CBC execs and ad folks at downtown Toronto’s Bier Markt launch party last night along with host Dianne Buckner. Cranky capitalist Kevin O’Leary (above left), who, along with Herjavec, does double duty on Mark Burnett’s ABC series Shark Tank, was a no-show but apparently has a heated exchange with one of the product pitchers next week.
    CBC doubled up on the order for this series, shooting season’s four and five at the same time this winter/spring, ensuring a longer run for the series. Good call.
    Dragon’s Den’s 1,320,000 topped even Rick Mercer’s tally Tuesday night as CBC starts seeing some PPM love. Other big winners Wednesday night: CBC got off to a fast start at 7 with Wheel of Fortune (1,052,000) and Jeopardy! (1,078.000). The Tudors seduced another 835,000. The 10 p.m. National News is starting to inch up, clocking 687,000 (down to 471,000 in the bottom half of the hour).

    CTV had a monster night:…. [ more ]

  3. Anon
    Posted September 30, 2009 at 8:20 pm | # | Reply to this masterpiece

    The overnights from http://tvfeedsmyfamily.blogspot.com/2009/09/mercer-bungee-jumps-to-record-high.html
    (and we are getting off the Topic of George, but see mutterings at http://hlbtoo.wordpress.com/2009/09/30/bye-george/ )

    and I’d watch those “Jeopardy numbers”
    “Mercer Bungee Jumps to Record High”
    Rick Mercer roared back with 1,295,000 CBC viewers last night, the best start-of-season numbers for the topical comedy series to date.
    The seventh season opener, featuring a B.C. bungee jump with Man in Motion Rick Hansen, was well over last season’s average of about a million viewers a week according to BBM Canada overnight estimates. The Rick Mercer Report is CBC’s highest rated entertainment series.
    The new Personal People Meter data may have helped boost Mercer’s latest opener over the highs he hit last season, including a visit with Mississauga mayor Hazel McCallion. That show drew 1,289,000 viewers.
    Next Tuesday at 8/7c, Mercer travels to Nova Scotia to join the crew of the famous Canadian schooner, the Bluenose.
    CBC enjoyed a strong night all around, with 774,000 tuning in for the 17th season premiere of This Hour Has 22 Minutes. And Being Erica scored one if its highest ratings ever with its second episode of the season, 793,000 viewers. Even Jeopardy! at 7 was back up over a million, scoring 1,131,000.
    Still, CBC finished behind both Global and CTV for the night. At 8, Global’s ever steady NCIS scored 2,338,000 across Canada. Another 1,941,000 Canadians were watching CTV’s Dancing with the Stars simulcast.
    CTV’s So You Think You Can Dance Canada stayed solid at 7 with 1,425,000 (all numbers BBM Canada “commercial” tallies). CTV finished the night with Law & Order SVU (1,589,000) and another high-rated National newscast (1,271,000). Hot Global rookies NCIS: Los Angeles (1,837,000) and The Good Wife (1,328,000), along with tonight’s contender Glee, are helping it challenge CTV’s Canadian Top-20 dominance for the first time in a decade.
    City stations across Canada were factors in their markets, with Hell’s Kitchen (788,000), The Biggest Loser (735,000) and The Jay Leno Show (521,000) all having strong nights. Even the Blue Jays drew on Sportsnet, with 489,000 catching their fifth win in a row (now that it’s too late).

  4. Kev
    Posted September 30, 2009 at 3:19 pm | # | Reply to this masterpiece

    It’s kind of pointless to talk about BoB getting a PPM lift – or not – since it will only ever have been measured under PPM.

  5. Anon
    Posted September 30, 2009 at 1:34 pm | # | Reply to this masterpiece

    ….”The only network not getting a lift from the PPM numbers, apparently, is CBC. Little Mosque on the Prairie returned Monday night to an audience of 504,000–right around where it averaged last season. The National pulled 520,000 at 10 and 456,000 at 10:25, way behind the private network national newscasts.
    Did people tend to log in more when they watched CBC under the old People Meters and under report when they watched all that Yankee stuff on other networks? Surely Mercer, Dragon’s Den and Battle of the Blades will get a PPM lift. Advertisers must be drawing their own conclusions in what has been one wild roller coaster of a September in the Canadian ratings game. ”

  6. Anon
    Posted September 29, 2009 at 6:29 pm | # | Reply to this masterpiece

    But CBC would cound the Newsworld traffic, where the pseudo-hip show originated, into ratings.
    CBC staff have Nielsen ratings on their intranet.

    The current PPM (portable people meters) for BBM ratings this season are killing the CBC. The National has “lost” a third of its previously rated viewers. Who knows how these will be interpreted in the age of little bread, but many circuses.

    • Anonymous
      Posted September 29, 2009 at 10:16 pm | # | Reply to this masterpiece

      Keep posting the ratings as they come in. Even if newsworld had half the numbers of the main network for The Hour, the combined numbers are brutal for a national show with so much promo push.

  7. Anonymous
    Posted September 29, 2009 at 1:05 am | # | Reply to this masterpiece

    The Hour is brutal, because it’s built around someone with a manufactured personality, no funny, and mediocre interview skills. The word is it draws a very small audience. It would be interesting if someone who has access could post actual concrete ratings numbers for the show.

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