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Dry post about desirable technical feature

This is what I saw the other day when I clicked on a movie title: And today, the Times released its first API. How does one relate to the other? Because distributing programming over the Web and onto iPods is not the only way to embrace a digital future. You can let other people do […]

Parallel Universe Watch (3)

Today, we examine the social and sociocultural undercurrents of Pour l’amour du country, the musical showcase that irregularly appears on Saturday nights opposite Cheaters. I have two points to make about this show. One, it reminds me of what I watched as a kid. And (B), anglo-Corpse executroids wouldn’t be caught dead putting a show […]

Mazel tov, Colin!

But: Did you read the contract before you signed it?


I did some work for Zed in its “heyday.” It mostly involved unfucking their revised Web site. I visited the CBC Vancouver bunker and talked a mile a minute in the pale-cranberry-red nerdbox where Zedders toiled. I then proceeded to get so lost finding my way out of the place I had to ask Ian Hanomansing […]

Guinea pigs

The experiment in which you were unwitting participants is now over. After polite but relentless remonstration from certain quarters, I decided to stay completely away from the comments section for a full week. Hypothesis: People would call for my beheading less often, because this is supposed to be an inclusive blog and comments are the […]

Bizarre gay coverage

Scott Dagostino posits – in Xtra (2008.10.09), the Toronto homosexualist fortnightly owned by the “nonprofit” that owns the other Toronto homosexualist fortnightly, part of OutTV, a phone-sex line, and various “dating” sites – that CBC employees are scared shitless by Harper and the Tories. The only sources who will cop to such fear are quoted […]

Perhaps if I had learned to play golf with Mansbridge I wouldn’t be worried

From our companion along the road of life, Allan.– Fake Ouimet Finally a story no one understands.Economic meltdown, and everyone is lost. Reporters report and pundits pund, but none of it means anything.This is one disaster we really will have to wait for the book to come out.The masters of the universe seem helpless if […]

Possible liveblogging pointlessness

I know this may be stupid and pointless and self-contradictory, but I TiVoed the finalists for the Anthem Challengeâ„¢. I was gonna liveblog the show, sort of like what I did for Horseâ‚‚O (first episode; second). But it aired on Saturday and I didn’t want to schlep the laptop around Nuit Blanche after. Yeah, I […]

Oh, we’re not done with Rex quite yet

Not by a longshot, as they say. Voilà Rex au papier mâché: By Blair Stirrett, who writes, “I photographed [it] at the Stratford Art in the Park event. I didn’t make the item but was impressed by the likeness.”

The greatest Canadian?

Three CBC stalwarts (surely you remember Smart Ask! ?), together at last.

‘Programming Reality’

I have here an academic book about Canadian TV, Programming Reality: Perspectives on English-Canadian Television (hyphen sic; Zoë Druick and Aspa Kotsopoulos, eds.). It’s a bit dry, sort of like Canadian Television Today. Needless to say, the Corpse comes up a lot. Glen Lowry writes about Da Vinci (and of course I would lead off […]

Reelin’ in the years (3)

We continue hopefully kissing frogs over at CBC Archives. Because such a useful and fascinating project couldn’t possibly get its funding cut. Today: “Guess Who?” (This one I got immediately. What if I said these guys had a couple of amusing songs? Ask Strombo – he’ll back me up.)

‘Wheel… of… Fortune!’

Wait – you’ll probably want to see the front.

Boner Week (5)

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