Monthly Archives: January 2008

The selling of International Sales

There will be some monster migraines at the CBC today. A story on the front page of The Globe follows up on the pre-Christmas sale of our international distribution rights and assets. The result is brutal. Steve Billinger says no Canadian distributors wanted the package. Robert Lantos said he would have taken it. Billinger says […]

myCBC: The Shock Doctrine at the Public Broadcaster

Sent to me by an anonymous reader.Enjoy.~O SOFT TARGET Following the blowing up of Canada Now in February 2007, the CBC surged ahead on a bold new plan wrapped up in a package called myCBC. Newsrooms across the country would ramp back up to a full one-hour suppertime news program. They would introduce local presence […]

Guest blogger: Bonjour, me voici! / Hello, I’m in!

President Hubert sent this out yesterday.No doubt it is written as a calculated move to distinguish himself from his predecessor. No doubt it is written to assuage the fears of those who are waiting for his demands that “Hoosiers,” “Hoop Dreams,” “The Basketball Diaries,” “Baseketball,” and even “Teen Wolf” are to be played every weekend. […]

Why you should work at the CBC

It’s come to my attention that people considering positions at the CBC have been coming across this blog as part of their pre-interview research. CBC managers are quick to tell me via email that I’m a bad influence on this new, generally younger generation of employees. I personally believe that regular exposure to this blog […]

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