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Harper’s Little Helpers?

It’s been only one week since the earth shifted on its axis with the announcement of Sun News TV, [or is it Sun TV News? – that name is going to be a problem] (which is way less fun than saying “Fox News North”). The mind simply boggles with all the opportunities for discussion and […]

Cool, or what?

Cool, or what?

Cudmore spots the obvious. Then uses it as a teachable moment. Stephen looks as comfortable on the water as he does behind a desk.

I for one welcome our new minority government overlords

Jan 25/2006 addendum:I’ve had a number of emails asking me where I got this picture. It was on page A2 of the Globe and Mail on Jan 7/2006, and I snapped a photo of it. It reminded me of an excitable blogger who found something similar on CBC.ca. And if you just can’t get enough […]