Reconciling yourself with Buzz Hargrove

Buzz Hargrove is the president of the Canadian Auto Workers Union. To some people this makes him an automatic ally of our informers, enlighteners, and entertainers. So as a favour he spoke at a CBC rally and donated 25g’s to thelockout fund.

For all intents and purposes Buzz Hargrove is the Lord of the Thugs. I have no problem with this. At least we know where he stands. Our side has 20 weasels at the top, and I’m not sure which one is king.

But when I heard about journalists I respect – fierce intellects, all – clapping like trained seals at his claptrap, when I see the CMG asking these journalists to be guild members first and journalists second, when people I respect are cheering on Buzz Hargrove – when if they were covering it, they would be rolling their eyes – well, it makes me uncomfortable.

Some day Buzz or Son of Buzz is going to come around to these journalists and collect on this favour. Who knows what he will ask for?

I can think of a few things offhand.

These strange times made strange allies – no one knows that better than me. I hold the door open for the President, but at least I have the good sense to log on to blogger an hour later and kick him in the nuts.

I get paid for one and do the other for free. One is out of neccessity and one is out of duty.

So you do what you have to do. I don’t blame you, and I’m not judging you.

But when this is all over, remember that it is still your duty to kick Buzz Hargrove in the balls.

And be sure to put your back into it.

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