Monthly Archives: August 2005

Going around in circles

Alright, so I left this morning with a spring in my step (not quite), determined to approach this lockout with a positive attitude. Eight hours later, I’m completely deflated… … Until this ends veterans of four strikes have warned me to get a good psychological support team in place (!), because they say “it gets […]

Nice pic

Nice pic at BlogTO. I’d love to take some myself, but I’m afraid I’d be lynched for doing so. It’s been beautiful weather.

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Better than nothing.

Strike reaction: online edition

How the hell could Beau Levitt ride all the way to work before learning that he had been locked out? Has he no internet? Has be no ears? He seems genuinely stunned that his vote to strike actually resulted in a strike. It’s true that this thing has pit brother against brother and all that […]

Bad ads

God, the ads on are worse than we could imagine. Clunky, ugly, and obtrusive. Even worse, the RSS ad just doesn’t make much sense and is particularly shoddily made.


CMG is pretty clear on who can collect strike pay: members who show up to picket. This $200 a week, which is not a lot. So it is only the hardcore union supporters and those who really need the money who show up to picket. Its unfortunate that you won’t see the “big names” on […]

Promo Girl

“I just wanted to write to say I love the Mystery skits. I found myself needing to say this to someone, even though I doubt this e-mail will reach you directly, Promo Girl. If indeed Promo Girl is your real name. If it happens to be your real name, I’m sorry.”