The CBC has all the integrity of BP

Despite several emails to several people at the CBC, not one of them was ever responded to, not even as having been received.

Yet lo and behold, it isn’t just a new picture of Jian Ghomeshi that’s different about the new, improved “Q” web site:

as compared to the line it replaces, still in use on Jian’s own web page for his fans:

The change comes about without any acknowledgement that the earlier statement, which had been up there for nearly a year, was in any way misleading.
The sentence was simply altered, as if on a whim, by some enterprising revisionist copy writer.
Now we can all pretend it never happened.

The CBC aligns itself with the integrity of British Petroleum – pay the fine, without admitting guilt.


  • Anonymous says:

    Raymi, Jian, Kelly, Lights and people of that Queen West/Parkdale/Ossington “so hip it hurts” ilk make me laugh. They are so boring and so bored, and they drink & “partay” to numb themselves…because if they realized how menial and dull their lives are, they would go insane. Take as many pictures as you like guys. I’m so glad I left Toronto.

  • angela says:

    i love how people keep saying : you dont like her? fine! stop writing about her!

    when this is a forum. where people write their opinions. jesus.

  • insider says:

    Raymi’s blog is the worst example of “look at MEEEEEEEEEEEE, Daddy” syndrome. Indeed, she once confided that growing up, she felt overlooked as her parents were preoccupied with her appeasing her brother and his “ADHD”

  • Diff'rent Strokes says:

  • Gage says:

    hmm. OK, so I’ve read through this whole thing. I can’t make sense of you people. No that’s not true, in fact I suppose it’s probably very simple. People get a thrill out of being angry. A genuine rush much like falling in love. People need one or the other.

    Clearly this forum is providing “the other” for some of you. Since this is supposedly about CBC related items, then I guess if people can come up with some intelligent discourse about Jian etc. so be it, but there’s not much of that happening. This is like listening to a bunch of grade seven girls bash the first girl to grow boobs out of jealousy and self-resentment.

    I’m not too sure how bashing Raymi makes any sense whatsoever. You don’t like her? Fine. Why are you whining about it? And toxic? Toxic is repeatedly attempting to instigate anger and fury over something so trivial and frivolous as your dislike for a woman’s blog and their outlook on life. God, I can only imagine how irritating and whiny some of you fuckers must be in real life. Are you fucking kidding me with this?

    Anyway, most comment systems like this are simply a place for the socially inept to try out their shtick. What surprises me although it shouldn’t is how many sickeningly angry women there are out there spewing utter nastiness. Two things I’ve learned as a woman: matter how many times you get a guy to agree that another woman is a slut/whore/ugly/etc. you should know that he STILL wants to fuck her, doesn’t think she’s ugly and is fascinated even further by the fact that you deem her a slut/whore and b. it is utterly unattractive to be the sort of woman who puts a lot of effort into putting other women down.

    You might want to try to feed some more positive emotions for a change, just saying.

    • YAWN says:


    • Phil says:

      How come Raymi supporters always make the debate about “sex” and “fucking” and “jerking off” and “ejaculation” and “how much every guy wants to fuck and jerk off to Raymi”? Did any of Raymi’s friends & fans evolve beyond this pubescent mentality? I realize that Raymi had no education beyond High School. What are her friends and fans excuses for their own retardation?

      • Gage says:

        I don’t think the “supporters” are doing that so much as the denigrators are to be honest. It’s all in how you read it I think. It really doesn’t matter though if it’s Raymi or some other woman on the internet with a personal blog, ultimately they will all experience some sort of strange and oddly angry attack from someone, and often that someone is another woman. It’s puzzling really. Think about how this entire thread started; she happened to be in a photo with the person it’s supposed to be about and someone just had to make a derogatory comment. What’s the point of that really?

        and…. now I’m bored of this.

  • Johnny Maudlin says:

    Dude you are a dullard.

  • PoonGirl says:

    Why do you guys even care about Raymi, she is a girl with a blog, a Paypal and Plenty Of Fish account. Nothing more.

  • reposting this shit says:

    the thing with blogging your diary, Raymi/ Susan, is that with blogging every cringeworthy detail of your life all over the interweb, you lose your right to privacy, not to mention that of your family and everyone else unfortunate enough to be involved with your hideous self. You’re a pretty nasty human, so why should we hold back on referencing things you’ve announced quite proudly?

    Also, the cries from your whipping boy, LUCAS, that our anonymity somehow undermines our opinions and observations of Raymi’s VERY public behavior is stupid. If a whistleblower calls bullshit on some piece of shit corporation, it doesn’t matter who the anonymous finger-pointer is. Get a grip!

    And insisting that we plaster the internets with personal detail about who we are and why we hate Raymi is ridiculous. Indeed, I know for a fact that she cyber stalked and sent hate emails to a female friend of mine. She has a history of mental health problems (many undiagnosed such as sociopathy; narcissism matched with crippling insecurity – all of which is a TOXIC mix) so I’m not surprised that people are fearful of being anonymous.

  • Raymi bashing is sick. Anyone who argues, seriously, that this “sport” (because sport is what it is…) is anything other than sick is…seriously sick. So if we’re gonna indulge, at least let’s do it with eyes open…

    There is that.

    I notice that much of the attack on Raymi (and her mother…) is genuinely misogynist.I admit to being a little surprised by that. Tell ya why: I assume most participants here are younger folk, and I would have thought/hoped younger folk had made some progress on the hating-women-’cause-they-are-women file.

    Apparently not, but then again, it’s not fair to judge a generation based on the sick behaviour of sick house-bound monitor addicted kids. If Raymi or her mother or any other woman wish to express themselves sexually, in any fashion they choose, they are entitled. Period. As entitled as any man to fuck who and when and where they want. Not talking good taste or even moral high/low ground here, talking basic entitlements..

    So there is that.

    And the art involved?

    Criticism of art is obviously fair play. Raymi lays claim to the self-descriptor “writer”. I’ve read her, extensively. I don’t think she has ever claimed to be a good writer. She has a voice. Any writer, even any aspiring writer will tell you that finding an authentic “voice” is essential.

    Her mother’s photographs, by the way, are often very good. Raymi and her mother both think I am some kind of nasty thing because I was friendly and then critical of them. OK.

    I think Raymi is thin-skinned. In the extreme. It irritates me. I also think she has serious, even life-threatening substance abuse issues. I speak with authority on that stuff. I’ve lived it. Folks in their twenties (for the most part…) do not speak with authority about that stuff. They are ascending and inexperienced…

    I hope Raymi will continue to write. I hope she will choose to get and remain sober. She is, in my opinion, a legitimate Canadian writing prospect. Her mother, I think, is good-hearted, she just dispenses the most stereo-typical self-help book kinda observations (like this actually) that she annoys me.

    The End

    • dude says:

      Seriously, if anyone is sick it is you, dude. Every fucking forum, you come to her rescue. No doubt you are one of the sad old fucks who paypal her sorry ass and buy her “art”. Honestly, if anyone comes across as pathetic, it is you.

  • Anonymous says:

    Who is this fucking Jian guy? At least I’ve heard of Raymi. I saw her blog url written in a toilet stall somewhere.

    • Ghost of a chance says:

      Actually, come to think of it, a band is a natural thing for Raymi to start, something to channel her fame and notoriety.

      Unfortunately she can’t sing, and has startlingly little on-camera charisma. It’s amazing – she photographs well but when we see her move and speak she is really awkward and unattractive. And the rest of the band (a drummer?) is also awful.

    • LMAO says:

      That actually made me feel embarrassed for her.

  • Allan says:

    How long before the truth is edited out by one of his minions? has now also been updated, after his realization that lying to the public is unbecoming an employee of the CBC.

  • PoonGirl says:

    Jian and George are the same, they pretend they are edgy and open minded, but really they both just want young, pretty white girls. Maybe Jian is open minded cause he’s brown dating someone white, but whatever.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, whoever their girlfriends/partners ends up being, they have to be strong enough to put up with their philandering.

      • Anonymous says:

        & their snoring! I bet both guys snore like freight train. Say goodbye to a full night’s sleep!

        • Anonymous says:

          There should be a reality show for all of George’s & Jian’s ex-girlfriends and flirtations….kind of like “The Wives of Orange County”.

  • Do you think Jian has sexy legs? says:

    You should see this dude do yoga. His legs are like toothpicks but I’m not complaining at least he shaves them :-/

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