Harper’s Little Helpers?

It’s been only one week since the earth shifted on its axis with the announcement of Sun News TV, [or is it Sun TV News? – that name is going to be a problem] (which is way less fun than saying “Fox News North”).
The mind simply boggles with all the opportunities for discussion and comment that this astounding turn of events has inspired.
Just look at how much press they got over who they couldn’t hire – Rick Mercer. Like that was ever going to happen.
(Mercer has always been the CBC’s obvious and only viable candidate to host a “Canada’s Late Night Talk Show”, but clearly didn’t want the work or the risk of failure).
So the good news is that they’re hiring.
The bad news is who “they” are.
Besides being immediately dubbed “Fox”, there’s another tag that they’re going to have a hard time shaking off.
The Prime Minister’s Office.
The fact that Kory Teneycke is best known for being a former spokesman for Stephen Harper is going to be as hard to forget as David Frum writing speeches for George Bush.
During the press conference, one reporter actually asked if the PMO had approached any Ottawa reporters to come and work for the new channel.
Incredibly, no one blinked.

Pierre Karl Peladeau was asked directly what role Stephen Harper has in this new venture, and he answered quite deftly.
“I’m accountable to our shareholders”.
Good response.
Much better than the crass “we’ll do whatever it takes to make a profit. And being in the good graces of the reigning government can only help. Have you noticed who’s standing beside me?”.


Is that Ignatieff on guitar?

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