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George is Tucked, Taped and Fabulous in Vancouver

Last night just wasn’t my night.  I must have said something that ticked George off.  Perhaps it was when I enquired what his publicist does exactly.  I merely mentioned there was a particular fan that seemed to be doing much more for George then his publicist is; and that George doesn’t even give her a thank you […]

The Tea Makers party: A postmortem

What a forlorn douchebag like Joe Clark has a hard time understanding is that even online, promises are your word and bond and need to be honored at all costs. That and the fact that writing under your own name doesn’t automatically make you in possession of couth or instill respect. So it goes that […]

Lights Up

Comment #’s 763 and & 764,  by Anonymous Reproduced from the Truth Farm thread “Do you think Jian tweets because he is lonely?” On the CBC Q website in the “About The Host” section one of the many things written is this : “Jian continues to write and produce music through his company, Wonderboy Entertainment, […]

New CMG Pres shares an unorthodox way out of the hell that is the 4th floor newsroom

Denis McGrath

“I am a big deal only in relative circumference.” – Denis McGrath throws his weight around.

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