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Spinoff? – The City (Up North)

Spinoff? - The City (Up North)

From the Jian thread and video, blocked worldwide by Viacom One sweet young woman is living her dream. One guy is wishing he could live in New York next to Laurie and Lou forever. Together, they are …

Jian and LIGHTS at The Borderline in London

london borderline

LIGHTS hugs one of her fans while Jian stares at a couple of young girls at LIGHTS merchandise booth after show Monday night at The Borderline in London. (from the legacy Do you think Jian tweets because he is lonely? Truth Farm thread)

Lights Up

Lights Up

Comment #’s 763 and & 764,  by Anonymous Reproduced from the Truth Farm thread “Do you think Jian tweets because he is lonely?” On the CBC Q website in the “About The Host” section one of the many things written is this : “Jian continues to write and produce music through his company, Wonderboy Entertainment, […]

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