SideShow Bob Mackowitz


You know those people you hate just by looking at them ?

That is how I always felt about Bob.  I was first introduced to him from George’ s old radio show on The Edge.  I hated him for some reason.  He had this pompous aura about him.  Then, I saw some photos of him and I hated him even more.  His curls were so unruly. How dare he have unruly curly hair all disheveled like he doesn’t even care that society prefers straight hair.

I thought Bob sounded so much older than George even though they are around the same age.  I know George isn’t the beacon of maturity but in contrast to Bob it was a father-son duo on air.  Bob would always talk about “grown-up music”.  What is that, Bob ?  Are you talking down to me ?

Bob had to leave George’s Edge show when a conflict of interest came in to play and Bob began working at another radio station that competed with Edge.  No worries, Bob is back to being the sideshow on George’s “spirit of radio” extravaganza, right where he belongs.  But, he also has his own show on CBC Radio 2 in the morning.

My problem with Bob, besides his hair, is that he sounds so damn old !  I do like him now that I’ve listened to him a bit more as I was doing  research for this piece.  I don’t think he is really as pompous as I orginally thought.  Sideshow Bob has talked about his wife, having a baby, and being emotional about that and  the raising of his new daughter.  He does seem very nice.  But,  this grown-up music stuff, buddy give that a break !  You don’t play the Moffats or Justin Beiber, that’s not your bit. Shouldn’t it all be grown up music then, or is Bob the only mature one around here ?  With George, he does a segment called a sad-off where they play two songs in George’s basement and decide which one is sadder. Ugh !  Why don’t they just play a game of gay chicken like you know they want to.

If Bob is so old and sad and mature why does he host a morning radio show when people need to be woken up and entertained on their drive to work ?  I listened to it one morning and it was nothing special.  All other radio shows in the morning try to put livelier people as that is the prime time for radio.  That is when Howard Stern is on, and in Toronto they put MadDog and Billy and that brood Erin Davis on.  Maybe they’re not the best of the best, but unlike Bob they won’t play grown up music that will put you right back to bed.


  1. PoonGirljoined December 31, 2009
    Posted April 20, 2010 at 11:28 pm | # | Reply to this masterpiece

    When I wrote that line I was laughing so hard. In actuality I only listened to an hour of his CBC radio show. I took some leeway with calling it “research” and calling this a “peice”.

    But, if George can be “one of Canada’s most respected journalists” then this can be a piece.

  2. Anonymous
    Posted April 20, 2010 at 11:18 pm | # | Reply to this masterpiece

    “I do like him now that Ive listened to him a bit more as I was doing research for this piece.”

    Really? that was a “piece”?

  3. radiogirl
    Posted April 20, 2010 at 12:24 pm | # | Reply to this masterpiece

    I like Bob and he only sounds like an old man when he’s sitting next to George, a 12 year old sound like an old man next to George. Bob did not leave due to conflict of interest, he left for a while (with plans to return) to set up a radio station in Vancouver with his father and some friends. When Bob left, G replaced him with that little shit (can remember his name) that is so miserable and depressed you almost feel sorry for him, talentless hack. The ratings went south…big time. Not that the ratings were all that good anyway, but people tuned in for Bob, no Bob, no show, and the big wigs agreed. They hated the music G played and with no audience to back it up, he had to change or get out. G decided to change, until Martin died. Then G left, saved his own face and made a move that seemed he stood up for the little guy, in reality he was about to get shit canned. G proved the theory that without Bob, George is nothing, and the court of public opinion agreed.

  4. Ouimetjoined April 10, 2009
    Posted April 20, 2010 at 11:15 am | # | Reply to this masterpiece

    He looks pretty satisfied with himself in that photo, doesn’t he?
    Welcome back, PoonGirl.

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