Summer’s almost over

Strombo nearly crushing a female fan

And look at you, still in front of the computer. You’re not alone, sister. There’s you, and me, your boyfriend, and what’s left of the tweethole.

Come right on in, the water’s fine.

billdinTO: CBC TV’s ‘The Hour’ is to broadcast from Dublin, in part to promote a contest with Guinness. Public broadcaster, eh?

What are you implying here, Bill? I’m not sure but I’ll bet me Lucky Charms® and me Diet Pepsi MAX® that I can knock that self-satisfied smirk off your face.

cbcradio: Sorry we can’t keep up to date with new followers. Please @ us and introduce yourself!

Can’t we just sit here and listen to the radio without all this participatory crap? Two-way medium my arse, play some Heart of Gold whydoncha?

todmaffin: Attention, universe: I don’t want any damned Martian birds, hugs, or vampire names. kthxbai

The life of a social media expert is one of a million annoyances, many of them originating from social media-using gen-Y’ers that the expert makes a living telling large corporations how to woo.

Don’t you losers get it? Stop harassin’ Maffin!

AboutCBC: #cbc Under scrutiny: A failing grade for CBC

Speaking of Tod Maffin, it looks like his auto-tweeting robot is on the fritz again. This is not the CBC you’re looking for.

billdinTO: @AboutCBC You do know that last item is about the Caribbean Broadcasting Corp., don’t you?

And there’s that busybody Bill Doskoch again! He must be getting a real kick out of all this.

AboutCBC: The news stream here comes from an automated search. Occasionally it picks the wrong “CBC.” Trying to tweak it, but it won’t be perfect

Occasionally”??? Does that robot even know how to spell “CBC”?

AboutCBC: #cbc Russian CBC Invest allegedly to buy facilities of glassmaker

I guess in this case, “tweak it” means “do sweet fuck-all.”

CreativeFusion: More on Ryerson: Oct. 2 at 6 pm Ryerson panel with Clay Shirky of NYU and @mathewi (Mathew Ingram) G&M all round sm guy. Great!

As a matter of fact, he is an all-around small guy, but you don’t have to rub it in, Creative Fusion.

OrmistonOnline: Test Twitter

We all have to test Twitter from time to time, no shame in that. It might not be working, right? How are we to tell? Even Susan Ormiston 2.0 does it, whose Web site, nominated for a Gemini for “Best Cross-Platform Project” prominently displays a “Test Twitter” tweet on the front page. 51 days old.

That’s some cutting-edge stuff right there!

aimlessandandy: Twitter war declared on George @stombo!

What do you want to bet that our man Strombo totally ignored these Winnipeg douches, who can’t even spell “prairie” right? I don’t even need to Google it, and I can tell you that this manly challenge ended up one big fat zero.

dearem: @strombo Thouthg you may find it humorous to know that I ended a date early because he didn’t like the Kinks. It just wouldn’t have worked

Actually, that’s not very humorous at all, Emily. In fact, I’ve forwarded this Tweet on to the Human Rights Commission.

dejah_thoris: Sod did anyonw watch ‘This Hour Has 22 Minutes’ on CBC before the RedWings? It’s an awesome show! Canadian humour rocks!

It does? I mean, HAHA! I’ll say!

stevendavis: People who say CBC is just for intellectuals should reall yread the comments on their Web site. It’s amazing how stupid most of them are...

People say that? Who are these people? Obviously readers of the tweets of Steven Davis.

TorontoNewsguy: Another reason TV News is dead: [URL] Nine minutes, highly compelling. Only place you’ll see it is online.

Muhammad should know. After all, HE WORKS IN TV NEWS. For now, anyways.

harsimrangill: Is happy not being at CBC today

You got the right idea, Harsimran. Meet me at the Black Bull?

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