Monthly Archives: August 2009

‘We could have saved ourselves a lot of time and just focused on a handful of the biggest names in Canadian music’

Reportage from This Beat Goes On’ and ‘Rise Up’ release party

Doug Coupland’s houseboy?

I do not understand this advertisement for the Radio 2 online stream

Coming up on ‘Dragons’ Den’: A bike trailer for two-fours

But the inventors “won’t say how it went”

Ask Rachel Nixon how many Twits are too many Twits

Rachel Nixon to appear at Future of Media confab at the Drake. Not grandly named at all!


A blast du passé from Chatelaine

OTW: Canadian shows that cry out for reruns

Open Thread Weekends: What Canadian shows should CBC Television rerun late at night?

‘Product integration’ infiltrates eight CBC shows

Eight shows use some kind of product placement, but not The Border – yet

The Privates: Tornado? What tornado?

“What, there was a tornado or something?” the private broadcasters ask

Blurt ‘Jane, you ignorant slut!’ live and in person

First-ever Tea Makers meetup next Wednesday, 2009.08.26, 18:30 at the Roy

Parker Donham

“It turns out that CBC is in the process of converting all its streaming audio feeds from Windows Media to MP3 format” — Parker Donham on gaps in the CBC iPhone app

Chat with Susan Ormiston at noon today

Ask her about that pesky squirrel.

Things Jian Ghomeshi wants to get to

“I want to get to that.” But he never does

Harold Ballard to spin in grave

Blades does Maple Leaf Gardens

‘Canadian Audiences Live Here!’

Strombo on cover of Marketing. But it’s an ad!

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