Did CBC bungle ‘Doctor Who’ last Friday night?

More than usual, that is?

[I]t all started very promisingly…

  • A spring 2005 airing, only 10 days behind the UK, thanks for the CBC’s need to fill programming during the hockey lockout;
  • Christopher Eccleston’s specially-filmed introductions and inserts certainly gave the CBC airing a personalized touch not seen anywhere else;
  • sponsorship of the season by Volkswagen;
  • and as a bonus, “The Christmas Invasion” aired one day after [it did in the] UK; Billie Piper provided the intro and inserts.

Then came the long descent[.]

UPDATE (Sunday): Oh, dear. It made Slashdot.


  • Fake Ouimet says:

    Yes, Dwight. We know.

  • Dwight Williams says:

    Oh, and the whole mess has been Slashdotted, Ouimet.


  • Dwight Williams says:

    I think you’re right on that score. We can do without the Rankin-Bass classics.

  • Cameron A. says:

    I’m sure at least one Christmas special could have been shelved to allow Doctor Who to fill ninety minutes. The world can survive CBC not airing Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town for one year.

    In fact, CBC could survive not airing Frosty Returns ever again. People know how bad that special is by now.

  • Dwight Williams says:

    Seemed as if the show itself held together well enough, despite the content cuts I knew were coming to keep it inside the allotted timeslot. I can’t speak for more dedicated Whovians, though.

    Having seen the DWIN listing of what got cut…I could and do wish that we’d seen the works. All of it. And that CBC might rededicate themselves to building our role in that particular franchise. It’s as long a history as Trek, almost as long as “Corrie”, and I have been pleased as all get out that CBC contributed to the revival.

    If we do keep up the support, I’d also like one other thing: for Canada’s support to make a more visible form. Set a story over here, set it up akin to “Blink” from the third season where the main action’s here in Canada, regardless of wherever the Doctor and his companion(s) of the moment need to be to keep up their end of things.

    Just a thought and a hope.

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