‘We can’t rewind. We’ve gone too far’

Weisblott wondered what the first song on Buck 65’s Drive would be. “Video Killed the Radio Star” “Dreamer” by Jenn Grant and Orchestra for the Moon. (It’s on right now.)

Spoiler alert!


  • Anonymous says:

    ### tremendously fitting ###

    ## SO FITTING that// almost without exception/// everyone who worked on that fine show was either later MARGINALIZED, LAID off, QUIT, or simply PUSHED OUT of the company. ##

    Even Brent Bambury, the BRAVEst of the WAVErS wanders around the broadcast centre looking shellshocked, UNderemployed, and stuck in a dead zone where he’s well known enough to (co-) host a TV special, but not valued enough to be offered much else.

  • Anonymous says:

    augusta la paix was the host back then.

    and just in case you don’t think to ask:
    the LAST song played on bnw was an almost one hour piece by william basinski called ‘the disintegration loops’. a loop of warped wobbly muzak on tape, played over and over and rerecorded, until it literally began falling apart.
    tremendously fitting.

  • Anonymous says:

    Brent wasn’t the host when BNW played “Promised You A Miracle”.

    Herein lies another trivia question.

  • Dave M. says:

    1. “Rewind” might say something about you. How many hours did I/we lose rewinding? How did we fill the time while rewinding? Lighting a smoke? Oh, that might say something about age and history, too.
    2. Now, that’s a good question about a writer asking what the first would be. Maybe it was a writer from “Now”. More likely it was from copywrite clearance. I only heard the song live on air _ I didn’t read the wide document.
    3. How old is Brent? You have won a beauty context, collect $15.

  • Fake Ouimet says:

    Is it just me and my age cohort and my musical history or is that still a great song?

  • Anonymous says:

    “Promised You a Miracle” by Simple Minds was first on BNW.
    (Well and widely documented.)

  • Fake Ouimet says:

    Did Brave New Waves have a writer asking its host what the first song would be?

    Incidentally, how old is Brent Bambury now?

  • Dave M. says:

    Now I understand how Trivial Pursuit was years in the making.
    But can you name the first song played on Brave New Waves?

  • Anonymous says:

    Sadly, this blog is no longer relevant to me.

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