‘The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Your Olympic network’

Atlanta 1996 CBC bumper


  • Anonymous says:

    Okay, it’s 4:00 in the afternoon, day whatever of the Olympics. What’s on now? The Red Green Show. Brilliant.

  • Anonymous says:

    vancouver guy is likely a cbc blogger from toronto trying desperately to create some positive feedback for the cbc’s second-rate coverage of the olympics

  • Vancouver Guy says:

    Didn’t catch the opening ceremonies, so I can’t comment on that, or on the larger issue of rights.

    A few points from my viewing so far:

    1. I like continuous coverage of an entire match, vs “interspersed” coverage, the weaving of several simultaneous events. Seeing the road cycling and today’s USA/China basketball, I was happy to see the coverage remained.

    2. I liked the fact that there may actually be coverage of some events not involving Canada. Todays basketball China vs US was a must-see and to CBC’s credit they carried it.

    It’s still early, we’ll see if these positive signs carry forward into the later days.

    3. I also like on-line streaming and multiple stream channels. This is great for people who do not have access to 200 cable and satellite channels. And it offers promise that where a conflict occurs between “Canadian content” and events of true sporting interest, the best events will at least be carried via video stream.

    – Vancouver Guy

  • Lemon says:

    The BEST part of (maybe the ONLY part) of CBC doing the Olympics is that Rod Black isn’t on the broadcast team.
    I can’t stand the bloody Event, so much false sentimentality, so many fake tears, so much drug use, so much feigned joy – why, reminds me of the National.

  • Dwight Williams says:

    Anonymous # 2: Don’t count on that being prophecy just yet. Such pronouncements have been made before and continue to be made by many people of varying levels of wit and ability. CBC is still here.

    A lot of people intend to keep throwing spanners into the works of such predictions.

  • Enik S. says:

    I know it seems mingy of me to ask this but–are we not making the opening ceremonies (or any of the other Olympics coverage) available through CBC on Demand? I thought we had done this in the past. It would be a smart–and logical–thing to do, especially in HD.

    I saw them this morning in the building but missed them this evening (I thought our coverage was starting at 8 pm, not 6 pm). I’m sure others would like to see them again as well.

  • Anonymous says:

    Scott Moore states that “the CBC won’t be out of the Olympics forever.”

    If Scott Moore thinks he is capable of negotiating a broadcast deal for the 2014 games then please consider how he lost the iconic theme song to HNIC.

    And if by an Act of God the CBC wins the rights to the 2014 games, they will be crewed by casuals and contract workers because the CBC is done like dinner.

  • Anonymous says:

    A blue square? Awesome design.

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