A Journalist For Our Time

In an ideal world it would be Kevin O’Leary who launched a new, bold news channel.
With Jesse Hirsh as Program Director.

The Star

And included Daybreak with …, Late Night with …, pretty much Anytime with … Amanda Lang.


  • Anonymous says:

    her lip annoys the hell out of me

  • The Bridg says:

    What we need is a saucy late night show featuring Mandy Lang and her twin sister. I propose “Lang on Lang” as title and mantra.

  • LocalYokel says:

    Hmmm, if baldy was boss….
    O’Leary would cut news and current affairs programming – citing Stursberg’s “black hole” – and Lang wouldn’t be hot enough to make it on screen.

  • Allan says:

    We learn far more from The Lang & O’Leary Exchange than from The Hour or Q, so why isn’t it more widely available?

    • Allan says:

      Sure she’s great to look at, so is Kevin for that matter.
      But it’s their keen intelligence and spirit that makes them stand out from the rest.

  • Allan says:

    We need real competition in news in this country.
    We need more, expect more, are ready for more, than the CBC is giving.
    We’re capable of so much more, so much better, than that.

    Kevin doesn’t tolerate the phoney, the half-baked.
    Direct, fearless, and very human.
    And he wants to win.
    Amanda is sublime.
    No pretension, and just the right amount of impatience.
    They both have a great sense of humour, and apply it to their work when it’s appropriate.

    Hirsh is just plain awesome.

  • A-nony-nony says:

    Does Amanda Lang’s upper lip ever move? Why is it fixed?

    There are strong lights to hide any wrinkles in her brow, but her
    upper lip should show some motion.

    • Anonymous says:

      Botox, maybe?

    • Dwow says:

      I have been wondering that myself…`what is it about her face?` Yup, her upper lip never moves…then on the Lang O`Leary Exchange show….her eyebrows never move even in the heat of a conversation with the argressive Kevin or her eyes never squint….it sounds petty…and it is…but her unmoving face is more like a helmet from Star Wars than a face of journalism. But she is one smart cookie…very smart.

  • Anonymous says:

    really? o’leary?
    i think he’s a big ass conservative knowitall windbag. just like don cherry.
    the public broadcaster could do ENTIRELY WITHOUT such idiots.

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