Do you think Jian tweets because he is lonely?

Jian on facebook So I guess he just svd us the trbl of lstnng “tmrw.”


  • jail jian says:

    Everything with Jian is always exploitative and sleazy. Everything. You name it. His entire tenure at the CBC, being fired and then suing for 55 million. The Billy Bob interview. Using Lights to promote himself. His pseudo-feminism. His degree in womens studies. His political activism. His minority status. Even his choice of a female lawyer is exploitative. He’s a sleazebag who exploits everyone and everything around him for his own personal gain.

  • Nolo Contendere says:

    He’s a deplorable person. Always has been, always will be.

    Now that his benefactor (The CBC) has forsaken him, he’s up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

    Hard not to enjoy the rich irony of the CBC now publicly tearing down a man they tried so hard to build up for so many years.

    Bye bye, Jian. Enjoy the rest of your miserable life followed by an eternity of burning in Hell. You won’t be missed. Good riddance.

  • Anonymous says:

    Too bad the CBC didn’t pay closer attention to what was being said about Jian Ghomeshi on this blog. Maybe then they wouldn’t look like they were harbouring and empowering a serial sexual harasser and abuser of women.

  • The Downward Spiral says:

    He’s definitely lonely now if he wasn’t before, but his lawyers won’t let him tweet. The CBC, Lights, his agent, PR firms, Moxy Fruvous, girls he dated, basically everyone he ever met except family have all disassociated themselves with him. It’s surreal. It’s amazing how badly he fucked things up. Arrogance and stupidity is a really bad combination and how messed up do you have to be to get your rocks off by beating and choking women?

  • Anonymous says:

    This was posted by someone on his facebook page. Jian dropping hints back in 2002? –

    The old “Click To Enter” picture at the main page of and (from

  • Yuk Yuks says:

    Is this guy Jian? He seems to be enjoying himself a little too much during what’s supposed to be a sombre photo op for Lights.

    • ^^^^^^^^ says:

      Hey Jian! Would you mind not laughing at the Filipino slum people while Lights is filming herself trying to look sad!

  • Photo Op says:

    If you pause the video at the 3 second mark, you can see Lite’s personal photographer.

    Yeah, she’s not doing this for publicity or anything. Most relief workers bring their own personal photographers with them….don’t they?

  • Anonymous says:

    I would love to see Lights/Jian go all Brangelina and start adopting some of these poor Filipino kids!

  • Anonymous says: – Watch this so that, if nothing else, you know that it’s there. (46 minutes ago by @lights)

    …and here’s the obligatory emo-shot of LIGHTS in the slums (notice how the camera spends more time on LIGHTS than on the poor kids…)

    • Anonymous says:

      Isn’t it annoying when a video-game pop-princess suddenly becomes sanctimoniously, patronizingly pious about poor kids in another country, but does nothing for the poor kids in her own country?

    • Ignored Local Homeless Person says:

      Notice that Jian is nowhere in sight. And what was with one of her guides/bodyguards laughing/giggling throughout the video?

      People are living in tent cities all across America, she could have gone and visited one last week when she was in LA if she cared. Or maybe next time when she’s in her hometown Vancouver she can pop over to Seattle to see one of their tent cities.

      There’s 30,000+ homeless in Toronto : what have her or Jian ever done to help them?

      • Middle-Aged "Wonderboy" says:

        It wasn’t an awards show, hence Jian’s absence. Jian was probably back at his hotel watching MTV, playing chess on his iPad and ordering up some room service (Filipino hookers).

      • Anonymous says:

        When she’s in Vancouver, she can go to downtown Eastside…poorest part of Canada!

      • Alley Ally Andro says:

        You never hear Jian complain about the gentrification of Regent Park and his poor neighbours being uprooted and relocated. Of course not. Because he wants all those poor people that live around him gone as it will increase the property value of his Peanut Factory home.

        • Anonymous says:

          Do either Jian or Lights hold the Filipino government accountable for the plight of all these poor children?

    • Jet-Setter Jian says:

      If Jian & Lites donated even a fraction of the hundreds of thousands of Radio Starmaker Fund money that they waste on pointless tours of coffee houses of the US and pubs of the UK, they would sure help a lot of poor people.

    • Where's Wonderboy? says:

      Seriously, why wasn’t Jian in that video? He claims to be over there with Lits helping poor kids……so where was he? All that I saw was Lits with 2 Filipino guys and a white guy with a backpack, but no Jian.

  • WTF? says:

    Do foreign aid workers in the Philippines tweet as often as these two idiots do?

  • Anonymous says:

    Watch the new @LIGHTS video message shot on the last day of the ACOUSTIC tour! -@jeremythebug (12 minutes ago by @lights)

    ….and Lites takes a break while working in impoverished areas to promote her new video message!

  • Anonymous says:

    Early morn flight to Puerto Princesa (Palawan) mega-delayed. Eaten 3 bananas so far. I intend to keep eating bananas. That’ll teach ’em. (about an hour ago by @jianghomeshi)

    So what does Jian do after witnessing children living in dire poverty? Stuff his gob with bananas, that’s what! That’ll teach em!

  • Anonymous says:

    @HeyItsGeneveve I am here working in impoverished areas with World Vision :) (5 minutes ago by @lights)

    ….and making sure everyone knows about it! Using the poor to get attention is so creepy.

  • Anonymous says:

    thebaghag @jianghomeshi pleasure to meet you, and thank you @daphneop for introducing us! Love xx

    Apparently, part of Jian’s “humanitarian” work in the Philippines involves spending time with “the bag hag”. Maybe she can donate some money to World Vision?

  • Anonymous says:

    Overwhelming day spent with kids living in dire poverty in Baseco slums of Manila. Their generous and joyous spirit is a life lesson. (about 3 hours ago by @jianghomeshi)

    Predictable sanctimonious tweets….

    • Anonymous says:

      Wonder if the sad, sick kids were left at home & only the good, joyous kids were brought out to meet the rich, Canadian celebrities?

  • Anonymous says:

    Absolutely the truth so far, Emm! RT @emmgryner I hope you find the Filipino people as amazing and generous as I have on my trips. (about 2 hours ago by @jianghomeshi)

    Looks like all the cool kids head to Philippines to help the poor. What would really move me is to Lights/Jian/Emm Gryner volunteer at their local food bank/soup kitchen/homeless shelter. Oh, the glamour! Giving back to the community that supports their careers.

  • Anonymous says:

    Early morn here in Manila. Set to begin my stint with World Vision today. (about an hour ago by @jianghomeshi)

    You’re so right, Poongirl. True colours coming out in Jian’s tweets. He refers to helping the poor children with World Vision as a “stint”, which is a particularly insensitive way of referring to it, kind of like “putting in time”. Make sure you smile for the cameras, Jian…or rather, make sure you look concerned and touched in a profound way. Sooo fake.

  • PoonGirl says:

    People like Jian only do charity for the credit. He desperately wants people to know he “cares” but if Twitter didn’t exsist to let people know his every, he wouldn’t be helping anyone but himself.

  • Anonymous says:

    Jian may think he’ll get more respect for helping World(christian)Vision in the Philipppines. Well, he may actually lose some, and leave some people wondering WTF? Dude, you should be in Afghanistan, helping Canadian troops!

  • Anonymous says:

    Do you get the feeling that Jian/Lights are just tourists in the Philippines who happen to be doing a little humanitarian work on the side (in front of cameras!)

  • Anonymous says:

    Sure hope Jian has his copy of the Bible to share stories with all those little Philippino kids!

  • Anonymous says:

    What makes me gag is that these two can’t be bothered to help the people of their OWN chosen country, but they can’t wait to board a plane, create an even BIGGER carbon footprint, to help the people of a country who don’t pay taxes to pay their salaries (i.e. CBC & Starmaker & Factor). UGH!

    • Jian Denver says:

      They’re both a couple of con-artists. The only thing that they’re good at is scamming money from music fund programs and the Canadian government. Now they’re scamming a charity. Totally pathetic.

      • Anonymous says:

        What bugs my ass is that World Vision is a CHRISTIAN charity! Which makes sense for the evangelical LIGHTS but Jian? Dude! What’s up with THAT!

        • Jian Mayer says:

          Hopefully he gets the moozlim royal welcome to the Philippines with a full body cavity search and a one way ticket to Guantanamo.

  • Name make it a good one says:

    The nerve of Jian & Lits – trying to be the uglier, less famous version of Brangelina. Someone needs to remind these two fucks that they’re as much a Showbiz power couple as Grant Lawrence and that chick (can’t remember her name) that he married.

    • ITA says:

      Jian looks more like a creepy celebrity stalker than a celebrity.

    • Pruce Poxleitner says:

      Wonderboy and Wondergirl to the rescue!!!!

    • Phil Apino says:

      The people of the Philippines are big fans of CBC radio personalities and Canadian coffee house performers. Unfortunately for them, Jian and Lites will be spending most of their time in their hotel rooms playing video games and tweeting…..

      • Dave Suzuki says:

        Jian never turns down a free trip and tax write offs. It also gives him the chance to shit on the environment once more with yet another jet flight somewhere for no purpose other than to hang out and look like a big shot. And someone else always pays for it : World Vision, Radio Starmaker Fund, CBC, Canadian taxpayer, etc.

  • Anonymous says:

    @johncmayer I know, getting the url was comparable to the odds of lancing a yeti. Very honoured you’re digging the ep! Big love. (about 9 hours ago by @lights)

    John Mayer likes her song “River” which she CO-WROTE with Thomas Salter. Does Lights ever share the credit that others deserve in creating her songs?

  • Anonymous says:

    On flight set to embark on long journey to Manila w/ @lights. Will play computer chess until exhaustion. Bring it on, Deep Blue! (20 minutes ago by @jianghomeshi)

    Well, he could be reading up on the latest news in the Philippines, figuring out the socio-political landscape. Or he could be learning or at least getting familiar with the language that they speak. But no, Jian plays a videogame! He & Lights are SOOO alike. Perfect couple.

  • PoonGirl says:

    Another Poonie typo, I meant ETHNIC not ethic, we all know Jian HAS no ethics, remember his mind blowing Guardian editorial, wow, that was a page turner.

  • PoonGirl says:

    I can’t believe Paul Mcartney fell for the asking Jian about his name game ! He should have read this blog first to find out his name is really JEAN and he changed it to sound more ethic and interesting so he can explain he is a Persian Canadian born in London.
    No Paul, the name isn’t French it’s a Nowherian name which means “douche bag”.

  • Anonymous says:

    Jian will go all the way to the Phillipines to help poor kids, but he won’t go down his own street to Moss Park to help the kids there?

    • Anonymous says:

      There’s also a Boys & Girls club right up the street from Jian that he could donate his time and/or money to…

  • Anonymous says:

    Yeah…even stranger given that I’ll be with World Vision in Philippines – 48 hrs from now. RT @_LaurieMac strange couple days for you. Lols (about an hour ago by @jianghomeshi)

    Anticipating Jian’s sanctimonious pontificating tweets about how he helped save the world’s children…send money NOW!

  • Anonymous says:

    LA acoustic show tonight, last day of the acous-tour! (Seewhatididthere) Went by way too fast. I’d sob miserably but I’m in a public place. (about an hour ago by @lights)

    And Jian has done less than nothing to promote Lights’ tour (but he found time to tweet about Justin Bieber & his niece). Go ahead & sob, Lights. We understand.

  • Anonymous says:

    Inspired by Justin Bieber’s announcement, my 3 year-old niece has also decided to publish her memoirs. She will focus on the early years. (about 2 hours ago by @jianghomeshi)

    Jian thinks sarcasm is funny. He doesn’t see the negativity behind it. He considers himself to be a very positive person. Huh?

    • Anonymous says:

      But….if you ever tweet ANYTHING slightly critical or sarcastic to Jian, he blocks you. The man cannot entertain aruement or dissention at all! He just wants a bunch of cheerleaders. He can dish out the sarcastic abuse, but he cannot take it.

  • Allan says:

    from Jian’s Wikipedia page ( a sort of editorial in itself ) …

    … after 9 years, one would expect his SECOND solo EP to be really, really, really good …

  • Anonymous says:

    Although Jian is on “vacation” he still tweets regularly. Does he EVER unplug?

  • Anonymous says:

    Super-fun. RT @curlybecs The impromptu sing-along to Wake Up with @Metric, Stars, & @jianghomeshi was a lovely moment this eve. xo #osheaga! (about an hour ago by @jianghomeshi)

    How come Lights doesn’t ask Jian up on stage for a sing-along?

  • Anonymous says:

    Ok, Stars set ends with gorgeous version of “Your Ex-lover is Dead”. Nicely done, kids. Keane now taking stage. #Osheaga (14 minutes ago by @jianghomeshi)

    Speaking of fighting for attention…do you get the feeling that Jian isn’t meeting anyone at the concert? He’s just interacting with his iphone? Maybe because he’s the oldest guy there….

    • Anonymous says:

      By the Jian, your client/girlfriend, LIGHTS, is putting on a show tonight. You might want to mention it on twitter at some point to, you know, promote her career, which is your JOB!!

    • Free Blackberry courtesy of the CBC says:

      Jian doesn’t have the iPhone, The CBC does however provide/pay for his Blackberry….just sayin’

  • Anonymous says:

    They would be awesome RT @stumpgrinder2: @peoplesrev Aren’t jian & lights a cutie couple? When are they going to get married!!! (about an hour ago by @peoplesrev)

    So…I guess Kelly & Jian aren’t dating after all….

    • Anonymous says:

      Jian didn’t promote Lights show in New York at ALLL!!!! Not one mention, tweet…nothing! What’s up with that, Mr. Manager?

      • ()0()0()0() says:

        Jian is too busy exploring the man caves of New York gay bath houses to bother to promote Lites show. Lites is on a coffee house tour; Jian is on a gay bath house tour.

      • Anonymous says:

        Or…could he be getting jealous of all her success? And all the attention she gets?

        • Anonymous says:

          Could be. They’re both egomaniacs fighting for attention and right now Lights is winning the battle.

  • Anonymous says:

    Jian also lacks the discipline to add “author” to his list of accomplishments…too many partays!! to go to & planes to catch & babes to hit on.

  • Anonymous says:

    Zaib Shaikh is the HOT version of Jian, and even HE’s in a committed relationship. Why can’t Jian settle down?

  • Anonymous says:

    @lights is infectious at Joe’s pub @jianghomeshi North America BAY-beee (5 minutes ago by @peoplesrev)

    Kelly is in full PR mode…

    • Allan says:

      Kelly, who may actually have a brain, is showing herself to be quite dumb – attaching herself to Lights and Jian is taking the Loser Express to Dullsville, and she doesn’t see it – totally, and so easily bamboozled by reading Jian’s self-written bio. See if anyone is impressed with Jian in the States – they’ll fall for his bullshit initially (like people who think that Kim Campbell was Prime Minister by virtue of a popular vote) but by the second show it’ll be downhill to the bottom just as happened immediately with <play, which though it tanked right out of the gate, the CBC insisted on pushing it for two more seasons (because only the CBC could and would keep putting a losing show on because they have no other ideas and tell themselves it's really about performing a public service in the national interest, even when no one is watching.

  • Anonymous says:

    If you want to get Jian really pissed off ask him about his rumoured sexual relationship with Mio Adilman.

    • ???????? says:

      Are they on again? Or off again?

    • Anonymous says:

      Jian doesn’t mind people thinking that he’s a womanizer but ask him about a possible gay relationship and he gets angry and defensive.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well that explains how Mio got a job in broadcasting without any talent or qualifications.

      • Anonymous says:

        Far too many like that at the CBC these days. Hang out on Queen Street long enough and before you know it you’ll be working for the CBC.

    • Google Image Search says:

      • "Iconic" says:

        “I am an iconic (hence the name), twenty-something, London born, Persian-Canadian male looking for Intimate Encounters with young men and women under the age of 20. Must be discreet.”

        • Anonymous says:


          • Little brown lies... says:

            Jian has been lying about his age for years…what’s he claiming now? Is he still in his late 20’s, early 30’s? LMFAO

          • Anonymous says:

            I always wonder if, 20 years from now, one of Jian’s rendez-vous will write a tell all book….or how much he’ll have to pay to shut them up.

          • Anonymous says:

            It’s more likely that Jian will be the one writing the tell all book about his past relationships. He’s already gotten a head start kissing and telling in magazine interviews.

          • Anonymous says:

            And whatever happens, I’m sure it’s all the women’s/girl’s fault (having too many dealbreakers, etc). Jian is perfect in every way. His addiction to flirting is charming, right?

          • Allan says:

            His addiction is to lying.
            He could never be honest enough to write a tell-all book, because:
            (a) not allowed to “shame” his family even if it might score points with TMZ
            (b) but mostly because – his life is shallow, ordinary and boring. So why bother?

            Don’t ever expect thoughtful, serious, introspective writing from Jian Ghomeshi. His talent is in striving to see how many people can be fooled by superficial posing as a literary mind, developing a growing list of item-name-dropping as if to associate himself with the caliber of Woody Allen.
            Like Tod, Jian would like nothing better than to add the word “author” to his list of pretensions, but he simply does not possess the depth of character to ever pull it off.

  • Anonymous says:

    Is it weird that Jian is musician, Lite’s father is a musician but neither of them will collaborate with her on her songs?

  • Anonymous says:

    One of the reasons that Jian’s twitter followers will never get to a million is because he blocks followers who mention his penchant for girls.

  • Anonymous says:

    Def. Saturday lineup is one of best of any fest in the world this year. See you in Montreal! RT @domsirsly excited for @Osheaga yet? : ) (about 2 hours ago by @jianghomeshi)

    So how come Lite’s not playing Osheaga? & only playing coffee houses?

    • The only person that bought "The First Six Songs" says:

      Of all the venues to play in New York, LITES! is playing at some place called “Joe’s Pub”!!!!! And Jian flew in for the gig!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!

  • Wonderpussyboy says:

    How come Jeeyawn only shows up to manage Lites when she’s in places like New York?
    Where was he when she was in Cleveland?

    • Educated Simpleton says:

      Cleveland is too hetero for Jian. On the current Lyghts tour, he will only be going to New York, San Fran (he plans on getting there a few days early) and L.A. (more specifically West Hollywood).

      Nobody puts Educated Simpleton in the corner
      (are we allowed to do signatures on this site?)

    • Anonymous says:

      Hello New York! And…sunny skies! Er…this is why we got delayed for “weather” concerns? (about 3 hours ago by @jianghomeshi)

      Truth! He can’t be bothered to go to LITE’s Philidelphia show, but NYC, he’s THERE!! Plus he can get together with Kelly for a plug party.

  • Gloria says:

    I heard that Jian was claiming to have written editorial & opinion pieces for major newspapers but that turned out to be a fabrication on his part. Is this true?

    • Educated Simpleton says:

      Jian once “shared the stage” with Moxy Fruvous. True story.

      Nobody puts Educated Simpleton in the corner
      (are we allowed to do signatures on this site?)

  • Anonymous says:

    Does anyone else find it creepy & morbidly opportunistic that whenever there is a celebrity death, the “Q” team dig up an old interview & Jian promotes it on twitter?

    • Death becomes him says:

      Jian will do ANYTHING to cash in or bring the attention back to him, it’s very morbid.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yup, he uses LIGHTS, his parents, his interviews, even his number of twitter followers, as long as he gets the attention. LOOK AT ME!!!

    • PoonGirl says:

      Wow, we he probably cruises the obituatiries for new materil, what a creepo !

      • Anonymous says:

        Jian doesn’t even wait until the body is cold before he tweets: Check out their interview on Q!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    The unfunny things is he thinks he IS being funny. Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.

  • anonymous says:

    Jian has no funny in him.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thx peeps at Breyers for sending me the new tasty “light ice cream.” Ate a whole tub but yet to see any weight loss. How long does it take? (about 3 hours ago by @jianghomeshi)

    Product placement?

  • Anonymous says:

    Ha. Heard about this. Act asthmatic? ;) RT @hello_mcee Playing Cranium. There’s a copycat card that asks you to act out being @jianghomeshi (34 minutes ago by @jianghomeshi)

    ….or “flirt with every woman in the room”….

  • Anonymous says:

    Really warm vibe backstage @LilithFair with Sarah M, Lights, Chantal K, Melissa Mclelland, Tara Maclean et al. + a swath of Luna bars! (24 minutes ago by @jianghomeshi)

    The truly hip people are at Hillside.

  • Anonymous says:

    From the Huffington Post: Does this make World Vision a bad investment? It depends on your own values, on whether their mission of encouraging people to respond to the Gospel is also yours. Make no mistake. In evangelical circles, the word “witness” is code for seeking converts, and “Gospel” means salvation by the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ. If that is a message you want carried to the world by a competent, compassionate aid organization, World Vision may be your ticket. If it’s just the competent, compassionate aid that you care about, then you’re likely better off sending your money to an organization further down the list. Try Mercy Corps, for example, or Doctors without Borders or that standard bearer, the Red Cross itself.

  • Anonymous says:

    They actually have a section on their webpage titled: Our Celebrities. I guess Jian/Lights will be on it soon.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sounds like World Vision is another form of the Starmaker Fund. From their website:

    Celebrities & Artists
    Independent and major label artists have discovered a way to combine their philanthropic spirits and help cover their touring costs.
    World Vision’s Artist Associates program offers a unique alternative to traditional backing by providing financial tour support for performers who take the message of hope to the stage.

    In 2005, nearly 50 artists teamed up with World Vision. At their performances, the artists asked concertgoers to make a difference by sponsoring a child. More than 3,000 signed up last year alone.

    At their concerts, performers invite their audiences to make a difference by sponsoring a child. World Vision provides display materials about child sponsorship at the performance venue so audience members can become a child sponsor.

    Become an Artist Associate
    Use your talent to help transform the lives of children in need.

    In addition to financial support, World Vision will provide you with video presentations, brochures, picture folders, etc.

    Apply Now
    Click here to download an application form (pdf. 195 KB).
    For more information, email
    Character references and police background checks are necessary for successful applicants.

  • Anonymous says:

    According to Worldvision:

    More than 1.2 million Canadian children live in poverty.

    The shame of hungry children in Canada is something we may wish to avoid seeing. The stigma of a single mother with her children waiting in line at the food bank may make us uncomfortable. The appalling conditions in which some Canadians live—poor housing, lack of nutritious food—are a challenge to our own enjoyment of this bountiful country.

    So there is no need for Jian/Lights to all the way to the Philippines to find people in need of help, is there? Does their carbon footprint need to be bigger?

  • Anonymous says:

    Nice. You gots good taste, John! RT @johncmayer Lights – I’m really really really digging this Lights acoustic album right now. @lights (about 2 hours ago by @jianghomeshi)

    Jian needs to share the limelight…again…or does he feel threatened by John’s white supremacist cock?

  • Anonymous says:

    Neither Jian nor Lights can be bothered to help the poor people in Toronto (like the homeless…) They have to go all the way to the Philippines and stand in front of a camera to do it.

  • Anonymous says:

    One of the most peaceful sounds in the world is the sound of a fan. It’s so consistently quiet. Possibly also because I don’t have a/c. (about 5 hours ago by @lights)

    Well, I hope they have a/c in the Philippines when Lights/Jian go to help teach the poor children about Christianity. I also hope she gives away some of her free CD’s….

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes! RT @lights Inspiring morning at the World Vision offices prepping for my trek to The Philippines w/ @JianGhomeshi. Feeling ignited! (6 minutes ago by @jianghomeshi)

    Countdown for the sanctimonious tweets…in 5,4,3,2,1….(and the obligatory photo-ops).

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m confused. Is Jian Persian? This was on

    What is the difference between Persian and Iranian?

    Iranians claim Persian and Iranian are the same people. That is entirely wrong. Persians and Iranians are entirely different people. I will explain the difference between the two.

    Persians are not a homogenous group and Persian is not a race. Natives of Iran have different origin. Persians are related in terms of culture, language, Zoarastrian religion, and history of ancient Persia. In anthropology Persians are defined as either Cromagnid with native origin or Nordic with Aryan origin (Iran: %35 Persian).

    Iranians are Azeri Turks. Iranian is a name adopted in 18 century by Azeri Turks from European books. Iran was called Khorasan for 1000 years. Iranians originate from Oghuz Turks. Iranians are defined as dinaric alpine (Iran: 40% Azeri). Those two are entirely different people and belong to different subracial types.

    What is stated in books about Iranians and their history and anthropology is not relevant to this discussion as we are discussing how the term “Iranian” is used in Iran today. There is no Iranian ethnicity in Iran. Iranian refers to Azeri Turks in Iran. Other ethnic groups have their own name such as Persian, Kurd, Lurs, Balooch, Arab , Gilani, Mazandarani, Talysh etc.

    Due to propoganda by the regime all Iranians imagine they are Persians. Iranians/Azeris always present themselves as Persians and assume Persian identity.That is not the true.

    Persians and Iranians have entirely different cultures. Persian culture is related to ancient Persia, Central Asia and Afghanistan. Iranian Culture is related to Turks in Anatolia and Caucasus.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why isn’t Jian volunteering for an aid organization & go to Afghanistan (where his fellow Canadians are fighting to help the Persian people)? Why the Philipines? Because Lights used to live there. Hmmm….

  • Anonymous says:

    World Vision, is an international evangelical relief and development organization whose stated goal is “to follow our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in working with the poor and oppressed to promote human transformation, seek justice and bear witness to the good news of the Kingdom of God.” I didn’t know Jian was an evangelical Christian?

  • Anonymous says:

    Inspiring morning at the World Vision offices prepping for my trek to The Philippines w/ @JianGhomeshi. Feeling ignited! (about an hour ago by @lights)

    Toronto’s power couple together again. At the risk of sounding cynical, why is Jian willing to donate his time to help the people in The Philippines, when his “own” Persian/Iranian people are suffering? Because there are no photo opportunities?

  • Anonymous says:

    LMAO – so much for Kelly Cuthroat’s love-in with Amma in Toronto…. she “took her rage to her webcam this week, when the Sheraton Hotel in Toronto failed to make her wake up call on time, and completely forgot she’d ordered a pot of coffee.” True colors…

  • Anonymous says:

    Q’s host Jian Ghomeshi is taking a break to travel (and do some international volunteering!) until the end of August.

    Does “international volunteering” mean things like helping to build homes in Haiti? or doing a radio show for the BBC?

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