It’s easy going green

I was asked to distribute this far and wide.
Click for the larger version, and print it out.



  • Anonymous says:

    Haven’t you read your morning Globe? Get that Starbucks off your blog, you elitist. The CBC is officially a Tim Hortons kindacaster, or at least takes Tim’s as an emblem of all things good and broadly accessible and middlebrow. Aim lower CBC worker bees,remember you labour for all of this dumb country not just those left leaning, latte sippings, book reading snobs in The Annex.

  • Ouimet says:

    2 people?

    You’re right, Adam. I must be evil. I’ve been giggling over this prank for a week, even before it was launched.

    This was a bit of a team effort. There was much discussion over whether to use Starbucks or Ooh La La. Whether to include the CBC logo or not. If using “participating” was a giveaway. What picture on Flickr to use.

    We might have tricked even more people if I wasn’t blocked in the CBC that morning!

  • Anonymous says:

    Confirmed by confused baristas at Wellington and John: 2 people showed up with blue bins and coupons.

  • Allan says:

    Forget Facebook.
    It’s the Starbucks/iPod Generation.

    Karlheinz Schreiber is cool.

  • Adam says:

    You’re evil – going after Starbucks and naive do-gooders in the same prank. I love it.

  • Anonymous says:

    believe it or not, there is a department or two that didn’t get one of these “toys”……

  • Allan says:

    How can I get one of those valuable little garbage pails? No, seriously.

  • Kevin says:


  • Anonymous says:

    I’m trying not to be cynical here…but where is the ‘reward’ for the people who have been living green long before the cbc decided that smaller garbage bins and decorative desktop recycle containers were the way to save the planet? It’s nice that Starbucks is looking for a way to put those little wastes of plastic to good use, but I’m not sure I would be happy to sip a coffee from one of them. Some things are meant to stay natural resources.

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