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A new hope?

Ever since I appeared on the Search Engine radio show I’ve received many weird and wonderful emails from around the world. I consider myself very fortunate. And ever since I appeared on the Search Engine radio show I’ve been thinking about what the president said about me, about you, about this blog and about communication […]

Ask your supervisor about this Tea Makers post

A number of people forwarded me a note from John Dube last Thursday, in which he outlined the CBC’s blogging guidelines. I didn’t write about it because Mr. Dube asked people not to distribute the guidelines outside of the CBC. As a courtesy to him, I didn’t say anything. Tod didn’t get that part of […]

Just call me Lynn MacDonald

Tod posted a list of official CBC blogs today, and in exploring the list I came across the CBC’s New Brunswick election blog. The latest post was particularly interesting to me, as it discussed why CBC policy forbids anonymous posting on its blogs. I was not aware of this policy. My anonymous brethren in New […]


If you don’t like the CBC blogging manifesto, you can always roll your own.

CBC Blogging Manifesto

When the lockout ended last year, most of the CBC bloggers packed it in. I considered it, but changed my mind. I wrote then-Ombudsman David Bazay to ask him about the legal and ethical ramifications of CBCers who want to blog. He said that all CBCers are subject to CBC’s Journalistic Standards and Practices, and […]

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