Guylaine’s redesign

As a few of you noticed, this site web got a redesign yesterday. I didn’t do it. Guylaine Saucier, one of my anonymous recruits, did it.

I told her I wished the letters were bigger; I found the old one hard to read. I thought it would be cool if she could work in Graham Spry, but make it punk. So she put him at the top and stole the colours from somewhere else.

She also helped me put up a list of links. This is not supposed to be a comprehensive list – this is what I read when I have the chance. I start at the top of this list and work my way down.

You did a great job, Guylaine! Thanks for the help!

I also changed the quote at the top, but after reading John Gushue this morning, I changed it back. What was I thinking? I must be losing it when I replace the Clash with the Fowler Commission.


  1. Ouimet
    Posted September 30, 2005 at 6:21 am | # | Reply to this masterpiece

    What did I ever do to you, Anonymous?

    Come sit by my window and tell me all about it. I have a few spare minutes after lunch while i polish my dentures.

  2. Aigle De Nuit
    Posted September 29, 2005 at 1:33 pm | # | Reply to this masterpiece

    If the correct answer is 4th floor…WOW was I wrong!

    I seriously thought you were one of the Oh La La Ladies sneaking up using the service elevator. The one who says “Thank you” really loud.

    …Either that or Bill Knott in drag ;Þ

    I guess I’m the baby…45 on Monday…guess what I want as a present? KNOCK SOME HEADS!

  3. Laurence
    Posted September 29, 2005 at 11:51 am | # | Reply to this masterpiece

    Yikes! Testy, testy, there…….
    How about a bit of support for someone who, while not exactly for us…is also not working actively against us.
    Save the heat for the villains, not the allies and neutrals.
    And that’s a 50-something speaking.

  4. Anonymous
    Posted September 29, 2005 at 11:21 am | # | Reply to this masterpiece

    ya ya guylaine my ass!!!
    and i love how you throw in “cool”…Now i know for sure you are a 50 somethng writing this trying to sound younger…I can dig it baby…I know who you are you live on the 4th floor and have a northern or eastern exposure window seat (cant remember)

  5. cbcworkerbee
    Posted September 29, 2005 at 10:05 am | # | Reply to this masterpiece

    I agree. Tres chic. I’m jealous. How much is Guylaine charging? ;-)

  6. Laurence
    Posted September 29, 2005 at 9:06 am | # | Reply to this masterpiece

    Especially now that you’ve gone back to the Clash, I like it. I wasn’t sure about the yellow and pink…..but having seen the source…I’m onboard.
    Now, let’s get back to the scrap!!!

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