Going around in circles

Alright, so I left this morning with a spring in my step (not quite), determined to approach this lockout with a positive attitude. Eight hours later, I’m completely deflated…

… Until this ends veterans of four strikes have warned me to get a good psychological support team in place (!), because they say “it gets really tough”. “The third week”, they added, “you don’t recognize anyone anymore.”

… There might be a barbecue to look forward to, hosted by “famous” Canadian actors?! (So I was told that’s what happened last time)

I must have lost five pounds walking around the building in circles all day (we’re not allowed to “idle” so people don’t call the police on us for loitering on public property).

from here.

She is outside, and I am inside. Here’s part of what we were emailed yesterday:

Picket Line Protocol
The CBC has negotiated a picket line protocol with the CMG here in Toronto for the entrances at Wellington, John and Front. It includes a two-minute non-cumulative delay (that means the two-minute delay starts when you arrive at the picket line) for individuals crossing the picket line. There is NO wait for individuals leaving the building. We have negotiated a four-minute non-cumulative delay for CBC vehicles leaving the TBC with the union.

It is a very hard thing to do, cross that line. They are intelligent, dedicated, creative people. Before I came here I would never have imagined I could be working with such a crew. And now, instead of doing what they are best at, they have them walking around the building in endless circles, wearing sandwich boards.

I spend 2 minutes with them every morning and do a few laps. Some of them are reading as they walk. Some are talking. Some notice I am not wearing a sign on my chest and give me a vaguely dirty look. Design students slip nervously past the security guards. For once, the front doors are clear of smokers.

A few times around the building and I’ve had enough. I can’t imagine what 8 hours must be like. Well, I guess I can: mind-numbingly boring. I gotta hand it to them – I couldn’t do it.

But hey, there’s always the “Famous Canadians BBQ” to look forward to.

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  1. Darryl
    Posted August 17, 2005 at 10:23 am | # | Reply to this masterpiece

    a job at the end of this would be nice to look forward to as well

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