Monthly Archives: September 2005

Where’s Bobby? (part II)

Last week the president finally spoke up in the G&M newspaper. He sent out a flyer, too. I waited for more. I think that was it. I hate placing blame and finger-pointing. But for this fiasco I have to place the blame squarely, unequivocally, and soundly on the shoulders of the president. His job is […]

How much longer?

I’ll tell you straight off that I don’t know the answer. But maybe I know more than some, so here’s what i know: Real negotiations have not started yet. What is going on is talking about talking. Or rather, talking about the oft-metioned 40 (or is it 41?) issues in smaller groups so that they […]

Green Tea

I had a surreal conversation with a friend the other day who was telling me all about the “Green Tea” blog. She (excited): “Is it you?”Me: “Of course not. I’m not that stupid.”She (disappointed): “oh.”Me: “Is it any good?”She: “Well, she’s a good writer. It’s very depressing, but it’s interesting to read what’s going on […]

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