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One way fabric

A few months ago I wrote about billboards. Remember that? Did you notice that the Strombo billboard is still up, a year after the city ordered it taken it down? Cheeky bastards. 2007 is a good year for “promos.” Those are “advertisements,” by the way. The CRTC loves them. Portugal won the war at CBC.ca. […]

May 10, Simcoe park

Like you needed a reason to go to the park on Thursday. See you there.

Bad memories, bad billboards

On a nice day with people milling about the TBC, CBCers outside dodging work or getting coffee, the brilliant sun shining on the building and the sidewalk, I’m reminded of the lockout of 2005. How sad is that? With this dreary weather at least my thoughts are my own and I feel less like a […]

Home sweet deconstructivist home

I’ve always liked the look of the outside of the TBC. From the first moment I saw it. It’s distinctive. Also whimsical. I admire it nearly every day I come to work. It’s just cool. More than one youngish employee has expressed the same sentiment to me, a real pride in this building, at least […]

The TBC bicycle thief

I would love to bike to work, at least when the weather is nice. But everyone who does has had at least one bike stolen. Even Sook-Yin Lee, so I’m told. One guy I know has had 8 bikes stolen over the years! 8! More than 1 CBCer has emailed me these photos of a […]

I admit that these terrorists are making me a little uncomfortable

Ever since September 11th I’ve been a little jumpy. The CN Tower is across the street, and while authorities assure me that it can withstand a direct hit from a jumbo jet, I find that hard to believe. I mean, just look at the thing. The TBC has the ability to broadcast live across the […]

Surrender the Mövenpick

Few tears were shed at the CBC when the Mövenpick Palavrion closed its doors last year. It was a ridiculous place, trying to look jaunty but coming off corporate, with its casual airs of pretension, incongruous off-track betting, “no photography” rules, Jian Ghomeshi, mediocre food, cramped bar, and clattering spiral staircase. If the CBC gets […]

Would it kill us to have a hit?

You know we turned down Canadian Idol. When I heard it, I thought: “Rightly so. That crappy pap doesn’t belong on the CBC.” The Toronto Metro Convention Centre, where they tape the show live, is across from the CBC in Toronto. And when I left work on certain days I could see and hear the […]