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Gayest show on television?

Elvis Stojko never looked straighter – in retrospect, anyway. New for ’09! “Battle of the Blades is an elimination-style challenge that teams up Canada’s top figure skaters with this country’s most daring and versatile hockey stars to compete against one another each week in a glitzy pairs figure skating performance.” Wait – the figure skaters […]

Broadcaster bailout and teh Gays

Because there has to be a “queer” angle, doesn’t there? April Outlooks (giant PDF), p. 11 (excerpted): With so many media and news outlets in danger during this recession, do you think the government should have a role in helping them out? Conservative Senator Nancy Ruth (Ontario – Cluny): Yes and no – it depends […]

CBC a harsh mistress, homosexualist comedian declares

Greg Malone of Codco tells (“Touch”) Paul Bellini “I’m tired of beating my head against the ice trying to please broadcasters…. There’s no satire to speak of anymore in this country; it’s all gone soft. It has been 10 years since I worked in TV, and I have tried. That’s why I wrote the book.…. […]

Manly, yes, but

I’m going to float a theory here that only partly amounts to riding my own hobbyhorse. Start with this photo-op artifact (Mike Cassese, Reuters) from James Moore’s announcement of the new Canadian Media Fund… on the set of Flashpoint: Flashpoint is a big manly production about a big manly topic that people, even Toronto people, use […]

De facto gay shows shitcanned

Chris ’n’ Steve to find something else to do with their mornings starting next month; Fashion relegated to circular File. Now what will Sky Gilbert make fun of? (Why are we even running daytime programming?)


Or squirmerrific? (Now in HD!) No, wait – that was the HNIC promo that showed shirtless Joe Thornton (twice) accompanied by an uncaptioned wolf whistle. Wrong genre of homoeroticism, sorry.

Big Bobby Clobber

Can we look at this “pansify” business as a teachable moment? I don’t mean “send Milbury to reëducation camp.” I mean “talk about what really happens in sports media.” This is so old hat now that “important” commentators like Mark Simpson coin a phrase for it (“sporno”) and ritually phone in a critique from on […]


I cut short my morning espresso and raced via light rail to the David Frum Atrium for the sneak peak, or whatever it was called, of Being Erica. Excitement builds Not quite makeup (they’re roadies) Shooting Being Erica was “the greatest five months ever!” Karpluk enthused, also more or less admitting she was dragged back […]


Fake Ouimet here signing off for the year Not forever, just the year. Aaand how was your oh-eight? Mine was lousy. But the Corpse? The Corpse’s year was pretty much “the same.” It was “the new normal” post-lockout. Shutting the place down The Tories are in power but are not in quite enough power to […]

Tell callers she’s ‘in a meeting’

For some reason, Katya Laviolette isn’t walking into the job with an assistant already. (A perfect job for the Gays!)

Cult Broadcasting Corp.

This will be pointless, of course, since Kirstine Stursberg has already shoved a cinder block onto the accelerator and the car is heading Thelma & Louise–style for the cliff. But why can’t CBC Television – you know, the service that right-wing assholes thinks costs a billion a year – do what the Quebec movie industry […]

Bizarre gay coverage

Scott Dagostino posits – in Xtra (2008.10.09), the Toronto homosexualist fortnightly owned by the “nonprofit” that owns the other Toronto homosexualist fortnightly, part of OutTV, a phone-sex line, and various “dating” sites – that CBC employees are scared shitless by Harper and the Tories. The only sources who will cop to such fear are quoted […]

‘Torchwood’ star in gay stripper shocker

Homosexualist ginger Gavin Crawford takes homosexualist sci-fi star John Barrowman to homosexualist strip club, ambisexualist swingers’ club. Film at 11:00.

Kim Jong Il Watch™ (2)

Today, who has shown themselves to be unclear on the concept that the CBC is a public broadcater, not a “state” broadcaster? For the most part, hacks from the Tubby and incumbent Southam and CanWest papers. And “Toronto’s national newspaper.” “Taxpayers deserve better from their national network; CBC reporter, Liberal MP need Ethics 101 refresher.” Susan […]

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