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jDoyle aFarce

jDoyle on the now-finally-dead-and-buried Air Farce: After 16 seasons, it’s all over.… I haven’t been a big Air Face fan in recent years.… I do admire the show’s longevity and uncanny ability to connect with viewers across Canada. I doubt if there’s a broadcaster on earth that would terminate a surefire hit in the way […]


If there’s one thing that thrills the Canadian media elite more than “getting a nod” from the Times, it’s getting one from Eustace Tilley. SOAPnet [who dat? – Ed.] is showing a CBC series called “MVP: The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives” [spurious quotation marks sic], which aired earlier this year up north. The opening […]

Note to classical music fans: Get over yourselves

Doyle takes aim at Radio 2 Facebookers in today’s Globe: “The online discussion makes for interesting reading. The disdain for Canadian pop, rock and country music is crystal clear. It seems that a potential reduction of the cozy comfort zone that Radio 2 provides is making some people so mad they could just spit at […]

Stursberg vs World, Part Two

From the Globe and Mail: That’s it. The answers are “no” and “it is being sorted out.” And yet there is obviously something amiss. Maybe those complainants in News and Current affairs exaggerated. Maybe that “rancorous newsroom scrum” never happened. Maybe Stursberg was being very careful in his choice of words about “restructuring.” But there’s […]

Stursberg vs World, Part One

Every time we invite John Doyle into the building to preview our fine TV programming and enjoy some dead things on sticks he manages to write a column that makes us look like losers. Here’s pt 1 of the latest.

Doyle: It’s hard to feel the love amid cutbacks and repeats

CBC answered Doyle’s calls.

Doyle: CBC won’t return my calls

“This is the umpteenth fifth estate repeat program this TV season. I contacted CBC and asked why this is so, and if the rumours of massive budget cuts at CBC news and current affairs are true. No response, so far. Stay tuned.”

Doyle: Welcome to where culture comes to die

Doyle listens in on the CRTC hearings.

To Hell with John Doyle

Like you, this morning I woke up and opened the Globe and Mail and found that John Doyle had totally ripped me off. He’s not the first newspaper columnist to do this. And it’s not the first time he’s done it. It doesn’t bother me much. Maybe because this is a blog, he thinks that […]

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