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CBC.ca implements commenting, recommendations

Check out this spirited conversation on the changes to Radio 2. I’m reminded of the words of the immortal John McQuaker, on the decision to shut down the original CBC.ca message boards: “The concept is wonderful, and the goal is terrific. But instead of having the Oxford Debating Society, we got a rowdy downtown pub […]

CBC.ca site and podcasts blocked in China

A curiosity mentioned in passing in yesterday’s Search Engine, I’ve not heard it reported anywhere else.Don’t we have journalists in China? Can someone ask one of them to type double-you double-you double-you dot see bee see (not “see eye bee see”) dot see eh (not “dot calm”) into the computer and let us know what […]

Claude bleeds CBC.ca of nerds

CBC.ca has been slowly bleeding staff over the last few months, all of them poached by outgoing CBC.ca impresario Claude Galipeau. Claude, you may remember, was the guy the CBC hired from Alliance Atlantis to run CBC.ca, the de facto VP of new media without the title, who went back to Alliance Atlantis earlier this […]