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Allan: He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands

Another from the tirelessly fearlessly AllanEnjoy.~O Break out the gas masks.Avi Lewis is back.Reduced to a half hour following the “success” of last fall’s The Big Picture, Avi returns to CBC Newsworld on Monday night with a brand new show entitled On The Map.But it’s not the satirical send-up of cartography that one might expect.Instead, […]

Allan: No sex, please … I’m Canadian

Sent to me by our friend Allan.Enjoy.~O Is it wrong to associate the swiping of security cards as you enter the CBC proper with the symbolic severing of the dangly parts that men have below the belt-line? When insidethecbc.ca recently posted a note about meteorologist Clare Martin moving to Vancouver, I submitted a comment. It […]

Guest blogger: What does a gay person listen to?

This was sent to me by Allan.Enjoy.~O Proud FM will tell you this, and more, at 103.9 FM in the Toronto market, and of course readily available at their web page.Apparently a lot of upbeat disco music.Who knew.And there’s a lot of it on Proud FM.Also giant personalities, like Maggie Cassella.They even lay claim to […]

Allan: John, Paul, Ringo and … George

Another submission from regular Tea Makers commenter and undercover operative Allan.Enjoy.~O In the audience for the Halloween taping of The Hour, and I admit there’s really only one question on my mind. Is this guy for real? If I had wanted to critique the show I could have stayed at home, but I needed to […]

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