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I’m actually Joe Clark. Fake Ouimet is merely a username.

Pastor Mansbridge in Punjabi?

The National “available in different languages”?

Timeline of open letter

What happened in the creation and publication of the Open Letter to the President from Concerned CBC Staff

Vapourware CBC Sports Plus to receive vapourware analogue in Other Solitude

‘Radio-Canada announced yesterday is has submitted an application for a new licence to operate a new national french specialty channel to be called RADIO-CANADA SPORTS’


Disco Delivery notes Inside the Music’s episode “Funkytown: The Montreal Disco Era”

Even Muslims know where the spacebar is

Borked ad for Little Mosque

NFB iApp lets you save up shit for later

Load a movie while you’ve got a connection, watch it up to a day later

This week’s slagging of CBC

Another week, another slag of CBC News by Medium Close-Up


Free Battle of the Gay Blades tix. Via Craigslist, which of course makes things so much more reassuring

Shocker: Gay host handles gay segment properly

Actual gay Brent Bambury handles actual-gay subject-matter correctly, for the first and only time on this topic

‘Must you run photographs of Jian Ghomeshi?’

Eric Morris writes to Toronto Life: ‘Must you run photographs of Jian Ghomeshi?’

Bluff-calling exercise

Not just an open call for guest posts – a targetted call for them

Corpse actually in hole $221M

What’s another $50 million between friends? Next time, add in severance costs

Exeunt Daun Meiseneur

Bizarre Dan Misener photo

‘If you’re under 30 and want a career in television or new media, leave now’

Jim Henshaw takes the Canada Media Fund out to the woodshed

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