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BREAKING: Tod Maffin hit by car

BREAKING: Tod Maffin hit by car

His helmet is toast!

The Tea Makers shutters print, broadcast divisions, goes online-only

Old Farmers’ Tea Makers now available in stylus, Etch-a-Sketch, Lite-Brite, Kindle

Tod Maffin takes down list of laid off CBCers

After plugging the list via his mostly-robotic AboutCBC twitter account with a plea to for it to be passed around, Tod quietly took it down.

The New Tod Maffin

Comic relief.Four minutes of a homemade, too tightly edited, fake “podcast“. Learn more about the candidates!Well, one candidate. “I’ll push Van City to help people connect with each other, something that seems to be missing in today’s Facebook world.” And now you’ve heard everything.

CBC Orifice Speaks

I love the irony of this situation. I’m under attack from Allan because he feels I’m off topic or unqualified.Allan, remove your head from your own orifice. If there’s anyone unqualified around here it’s you. You write for a blog about the CBC with absolutely zero work experience at the CBC. ~ Paul McGrath Who […]

The Ghost of Tod Maffin

As if a crypt had been opened, CBC’s “official” blog Inside The CBC has risen to life once more, and, so far, a pale imitation of the original.Tod Maffin awkwardly denies that it’s him. (Just someone using his password)Could he have known that something was up, when in February he wrote … The CBC has […]


Allan sends this one in: Holy freakin’ efficiency, CBC! A year later! A freakin’ year later! I arrive home to find a letter from the CBC in response to my question: “I would like to know if Mr. Tod Maffin is being compensated, either financially or in any other way by the CBC for his […]

Guest blogger: Will History Be Erased? Again?

Sent to us by Allan.Enjoy.~O What’s going to happen to insidecbc.com?The domain name is owned by Tod Maffin, so the question is, can he afford to keep paying the rent?AND his 3 yr. iPhone contract? There’s likely no contingency plan, such as keeping several copies of the blog in safety deposit boxes scattered across various […]

Maffin hangs up skates

Tod Maffin isn’t writing Inside the CBC anymore. It will now be a full-on propaganda outlet for CBC. In fact, we are to send inquiries to Kevin Payan, Maffin’s boss (erstwhile and de facto) and an esteemed colleague of Jeff Keay. Here is the comment the current owners of that blog refused to post: Well, […]

This just in: We really exist

We’ve finally been parodied by Allan! (He does have a good point on one of the other chunks of dust in his asteroid belt, though: What the hell happened to Maffin?) Come back, Señor iPhone. All is forgiven.

Allan: Premature Adjudication and The Tao of Tod

Submitted for your pleasure by Allan.Enjoy.~O Despite the heavy title, this is in no way intended to compete with Harry Potter.Knowlton Nash has always been the best newsman I’ve ever encountered, so smart and decent, but I never thought of him as having a sense of humour.Yet there it was on page 11 of his […]

Inside the CBC

Tonight the CBC gets serious about sanctioned corporate blogging by launching inside the CBC, a news/gossip/hype blog. But it’s not written by a committee or by a communications flunkie. It’s written by lockout blogger, podcast visionary, dot-com millionaire, high school dropout, CBC freelancer, and CMG member Tod Maffin. They’ve given him free reign to write […]

Don’t fear the Maffin

There’s a lot to like about the CBC’s new blast of podcasts. First and foremost is 20-odd mp3s of some of the best goddamn radio in the free world. Everything else is secondary. It’s a big step forward for an place that is often criticized for being 2 steps behind. We have a ways to […]

(a note from the editor and publisher of The Tea Makers)

Today I conducted an “email interview” with Tod Maffin, mostly because I thought it would be fun. I have since received many emails about it. Just 2 things I want to clarify: 1) Robin may be off the rails, but that doesn’t mean he is wrong. His posts are complex and confusing, even for me, […]

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