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CBC should be Hulu’s first broadcaster and investor in Canada

Richard Stursburg thinks you’re stupid

“Journalists at the CBC don’t swallow this crap, but most are too busy to have time to think about what’s happening around them”

All my life, I’ve dreamed of becoming a content provider

All my life, I’ve dreamed of becoming a content provider

There comes a particularly sad moment in the amateur video shot by Maffin and referred to in the Link Farm to your right. It happens at one minute and five seconds into the piece when the kindly John Michel utters the words … “as we move forward to being a content driven company …” He […]

Can you sink the honour of the CBC any lower, Mr. Stursberg?

Drabinsky’s “success” was complete and utter fakery, yet the the print scribes won’t denounce him. They easily forgive his swindling, of pocketbooks and minds, and call him talented. He even writes a book about himself, which despite his lame attempt at humility nevertheless reveals that anything he did that was worthwhile (rarely) was quite simply, […]

‘CBC no longer should be considered a TV network’

In an indirect quote, Dick Stursberg perpetuates the right-wing-asshole misapprehension that CBC is CBC Television. (Why are we spending a billion dollars if all we get is Wheel of Fortune?)

‘We are in an unprecedented position of strength at CBC News’

J. McGuire puts a brave face on “renewing” the news on a budget of negative a hundred and seventy. But Dick Stursberg’s fiancée is quite safe.

In adversity we shine

—————————–from: richard.stursberg@cbc.caMay 28, 2009 It is often the case that in adversity we shine. And over the past several days, this has been the case. This week, colleagues across the country have received the news that no one ever wants to hear–that their job will no longer be part of the organization. This is not […]


According to the signals emanated, no doubt with a Cheneyesque lack of contrition, from the desk of Dick Stursberg, this is the week 180 CBC English employees will lose their jobs. Not many of the Tea Makers writers work at the Corpse (use of second-person pronouns notwithstanding). The number isn’t zero, but we aren’t led […]

The $87,000 expense account

New expenses reports have been posted, showing that in the closing months of ’08, as the CBC was losing millions, Stursberg’s self-entitled billings didn’t just stay the same, they actually went up!Though we assume that he has an office, he still finds it necessary to have dinner with a “broadcast executive” and pick up the […]

‘In Lausanne this year, the Rose d’Or Awards are devoting an entire day to celebrating the CBC’

That’s quite the accolade! The Tea Makers thanks Richard Stursberg for bringing us this news. Stursberg also claims “CBC TV’s never been better”: Ah, say our critics, we’re not “distinctive” because CBC shows are made within the same narrative and format conventions as many U.S. television shows. They argue that the Canadian privates could make […]

Still slow to refresh

They’re always a little bit behind, but any day now there should be an update to the Business Travel and Hospitality Expenses of the CBC’s top executives.The pattern has been to post them three months after they’ve been submitted, and to only display the past twelve months.That means the receipts submitted for Richard Stursberg during […]

Richard, get Al on the phone stat

Is it still a good idea to get in bed with Al Gore’s Current TV now that it has cancelled its IPO? (Stursberg had said the deal is still on despite the budget cuts.)

Stursberg: The Sweet Spot

Mr. Stursberg explains the “sweet spot” of radio audience demographics desired by the CBC.Regrettably, we didn’t get a full recording of his appearance on the Ontario Today show this afternoon.But this CLIP is likely quite representative. Perhaps it’s time The Tea Makers interviewed him.

Printable versions of liveblogs

If this blog had better CSS, this step would be unnecessary, but: Hubert Lacroix and others announcing CBC cutbacks, 2009.03.25 (Tea Makers version) Richard Stursberg announcing CBC English cutbacks, 2009.03.26 (Tea Makers version)